Solve the problem of slow Internet

Solve the problem of slow Internet


  • 1 Network Secure
  • 2 Contact the strongest signal
  • 3 other ways to solve the problem of slow Internet
  • 4 References

Secure Network

Can an individual problem solving slow Internet has by working to protect the network by, since it even though this seems obvious to some, but many people are leaving open their networks, which allows anyone to communicate with them, which would make the Internet speed is too slow as a result of the use of bandwidth to broadcast several video clips, or download large files, and the individual can secure its network by visiting the Department of its own by moving the router to your router's IP address, which has, and then log on using the default credentials, as it is on Although doing this varies depending on the brand, but it is easy for the individual to know how to do this by reading the manual attachment, and then have the individual to determine the encryption method (WPA2), and then specify the password, and to refrain from involvement with any person only with people who trust them to use its network. [1]

Contact the strongest signal

An individual can improve the wireless connection has by ensuring contact the strongest signal exists within its scope, as well as to stay close to the router as much as possible, and reduce the number of barriers that separate the device and the router, and can also have access to a good Internet connection through the experience of doing something different just like trying to use 3G service for devices equipped with cellular phones if available. [2]

Other ways to solve the problem of slow Internet

There are many other ways in which an individual can do to increase the speed of the Internet, including: [3]

  • Restart his machine, since doing so may help to enhance the signal strength in some cases, leading to increased speed of the Internet.
  • Stop all activities that use the Internet when he downloaded a file from the Internet, so that in the event of a focus on doing one task at a time, the speed of the Internet will become better.
  • Internet connection within the external environment, or open, as glass and metal working to reverse the signal, and thus slow down the speed of the Internet.


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