Slimming Methods for children

Slimming Methods for children


  • 1 Put realistic goals for your child
  • 2 become comfortable on the exercise
  • 3 Consult a nutritionist
  • 4 stimulate the child
  • 5 dilution of sitting on television
  • 6 References

Put realistic goals for your child

Because children are still in the growth stage, it may be better for them and help them is to maintain their weight instead of losing, when the child grows in terms of length without gaining weight becomes thin, and more weight becomes obese, so you must set a goal realistic commensurate with the nature of the Your child's body and work accordingly, the more the objective and realistic results were better and more guaranteed. [1]

Exercise to become comfortable

Aerobic exercise helps to burn a lot of calories when the baby, and include aerobic exercise walking, jogging, cycling or other exercises, they are very useful to burn calories and thus lose weight. [1]

Consult a nutritionist

Children need to go to a nutritionist to develop a safe diet program and healthy, which often contain the necessary vitamins and nutrients to keep the child's health, but the food program varies from one child to another would prefer to visit a specialist and consulted on how to alleviate the weight of the child, and give information about the child, where the specialist will develop and health programs necessary for the child. [2]

Stimulate the child

Many children lack the incentive to do the right things to be done, and therefore stimulate your child is a factor essential to alleviate weight and in stimulating to do things the right maintenance and can provide support through the following: [2]

  • Focus on health benefits that will have them in the event of reduced weight.
  • You must take into account your child's feelings.
  • He praised his efforts in reducing weight.
  • Always focus on the positive side in his personality.

Mitigation of sitting on television

Children spend a long time watching television, or sitting on your computer, a time when lacking physical activity, and therefore it is one of the reasons for weight gain, so put some restrictions on watching TV and play, or time management, greatly helps in reducing weight. [ 3]


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