Sleeve length Football Stadium

Sleeve length Football Stadium


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  • 3 football field lines
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  • 4.1 goal area
  • 4.2 penalty area.
  • 4.3 corner area
  • 5 different dimensions of the football field
  • 6 largest football stadiums in the world
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Football stadium

Football field is defined as a rectangular piece of land is playing the game of football above, [1] has football pitches undergone many developments until I got to the shape that it is now; Where most of the games were played this game in public parks at the beginning of the International Football Federation was founded, there was not special for this sport, and with the growing popularity of golf game around the world, some of the clubs began to allocate land to a private practice game on; However, these stadiums were not surrounded by any lines determined, but was surrounded by a kind of fence in order to locate the play in order to separate the fans from the pitch, in addition, the special game goal was to be determined by two put sticks at the end of each of the land pitch. [2]

Increased development of stadiums little by little with the passage of time; In 1960 all courts football has become a foot of ground grass and with a flat surface, as the stadiums saw the artificial turf where the introduction, as has become the stadiums contain systems for drainage of them in the eighties of the twentieth century, but in the modern and specifically in 2001 times the competent authorities began sponsored football world affairs in developing programs for the development of industrial quality grass located in the stadiums, as featured stadiums that contain a mix of industrial and natural grass. [2]

The dimensions of the football field

It is determined by the dimensions of the football field through two perimeter lines, two seam line that determines the length of the pitch and the goal line, which determines the width pitch, and may vary the dimensions of football in terms of length and width playgrounds; Where it should be the length of the pitch 90 meters with a minimum and should not be more than 120 meters maximum, while the display pitch should be between 45 meters at a minimum and no more than 90 meters maximum, [3] and provides for the International Federation of the laws of football that international official matches should be held on the same length of golf ranges from 100 to 110 meters and a width ranging from 64 to 75 meters maximum. [4]

Football Stadium Lines

Football field contains a set of lines drawn at home accurately; Where should this be drawn lines continuously and sporadically and do not pose a threat to the game in the game, as should all of these lines are painted the same width no more than 12 cm, and belong to these lines to particular within the areas of the pitch; As each part of the area defined by the line, and the existing lines on the linear pitch seam goal line; Which determine the length and width of the pitch, respectively, as the football field has a line known as the halfway line, a line that is drawn in the very center of the pitch so that divides the pitch into equal sections, [5] contains this line in the middle of the mark known as the sign mid-pitch and be the brand center circle with a radius of 9.15 m drawn about the brand. [6]

Football Stadium areas

The goal area

The goal area is located in the area located between the goal line and between the two lines perpendicular are drawn on the line and five meters away, and half of it; Measured from the inner edge of the goalposts, and the two lines are parallel line two pillars linked to the goal line, [7] The goal area a small rectangle inside the penalty area length of 5.5 meters and width 18.32 meters. [8]

penalty area

Considered the penalty area, according to the World her definition as the region entitled to the goalkeeper touched the ball with his hands, and result in the commission of any player from the team players to an error within that region awarded a penalty in favor of the opponent, [9] located the penalty area between the goal line and between the two lines vertically they are drawn 16.5 meters from the goal line, and the two lines are connected to a line parallel to the goal line, and contains the penalty area, known as the penalty mark; Which are drawn just 11 meters from the middle of the goal and equidistant from both goalposts, and there arc decree outside the penalty area is a half-circle diameter of 9.15 meters. [10]

To find out the laws on penalties in the game of football you can read an article law penalty in football.

Corner area

The small area is located in every corner of the stadium, [9] and is determined by drawing a quarter circle with a radius of one meter and there is at the center of an existing carrying the banner of the corner kick, and must this be based up at least a meter and a half, as must this is a safe-based tapered head, [4] and the ball must be present within a quarter drawn circle, known as a corner area when implementing the player for a corner kick. [9]

The different dimensions of the football field

FIFA is (FIFA) the principal organization of football laws governing the world, and this union a number of members who must abide by all of the establishment of international football matches, according to its laws, so it is at the establishment of any international matches anywhere in the world, official dimensions of the stadiums that have been identified by FIFA are to be adopted, either at the level of local play, each union of its own laws by, for example, the dimensions determined by the European Union of Football (UEFA) stadium should be a length ranging from 91.4 to 118.8 meters and a width ranging from 45.7 to 91.4 meters. [11]

The largest football stadiums in the world

The following table shows the ten largest football stadiums in the world, and the capacity of each stadium mass of these stadiums, in addition to his whereabouts: [12]

To find out the biggest golf game of football and his whereabouts you can read an article where there is the largest football stadium in the world.

The dimensions of the different football stadiums

Dimensions that must be different to the football stadiums depending on the different number of players in each team as follows: [13]

  • Seven stadiums: that the stadiums must be a seven-length ranges from 45 meters to 50 meters, and a width ranging from 30 to 35 meters.
  • Five stadiums: stadiums should be a five-length ranges from 30 meters to 35 meters, and a width ranging from 20 to 25 meters.
  • Quartet stadiums: it is imperative that the stadiums will be the Quartet length ranges from 20 meters to 25 meters, and a width ranging from 12 to 15 meters.

To find out more information about the game of football you can read an article search for football.


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