Signal booster Allowaarls

Signal booster Allowaarls


  • 1 signal booster Allowaarls
  • 2 ways to strengthen the signal Allowaarls 2.1 put the router in the center 2.2 remove the barriers that hinder the router 2.3 device to strengthen the signal 2.4 Use of aluminum
  • 2.1 put the router in the center
  • 2.2 remove the barriers that hinder the router
  • 2.3 device to strengthen the signal
  • 2.4 Use of aluminum

Signal booster Allowaarls

Due to the high Internet prices in the Arab world, it is often shared by a group of people or more families living in the same perimeter of the building in the Internet service, which divide the value of the subscription with each other in order to use the Internet at the lowest possible cost, but the use of the network of a large group of people leads weakness Allowaarls signal from the router, and can overcome this problem and strengthen the signal by following a set of ways in which you will learn about them through this subject.

Ways to strengthen the signal Allowaarls

Put the router in the center

Put Alroatr in the center where you want to use the Internet than on the distribution of Internet signal a wider area, and the reason for this helps to Alroatr device sends signals in a circular motion, and if placed in the home corner, a large part of these signals will go in vain outside the home, in addition to that after or near the router has an impact on the speed of the Internet in the computer.

Remove barriers that hinder the router

Considered concrete walls or wooden barriers that limit Internet access signals in the home to all parts of the house, so you must make the distance between the computer and the router empty without obstacles, in addition to the need for a router in a high place on the ground, the more the router as high as so good Internet signal faster and stronger.

Strengthen the signal device

There is a device known as strengthens the signal, it is called a named wireless reapeter a device that is very effective, which strengthens the Internet signal, which is very convenient for those who suffer after the router from their devices, and thus weak signal, which weakens the ability of the device to browse the Internet, and this helps this device installation to solve this problem, and the working principle of this device to receive Allowaarls signal from the router, and then strengthen and re-sent to the user.

Use of aluminum

The use of aluminum to strengthen Allowaarls signal from roads that was quite popular because of the apparent difference that resulted from the use of the strengthening of the signal, aluminum is used by bringing the metal tray is empty, cut the lower end of them straight, and then cut the upper limb and is the location of the hole that placed him the straw in a semi-circular, then the enclosure cut longitudinally from the lower side the upper hand until reaching the hole area, and then the package brushes, and enter the Netherlands in the place of the hole, with a roll of paper on a piece of tin carton suitable to be placed around the Netherlands.


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