Short rule

Short rule

The most beautiful judgment and sermons short summary of the profound human experiences, summarized in short phrases, but they are of great significance, shortened a lot a lot of attitudes and experiences, to give a great lesson a few words, including the formulas in colloquial terms came spontaneous language and simple people became Atdaolnhen, including what may love He studied carefully until it comes out great and expressive images.

The most beautiful ruling Arab Oamgahaballgh:

A fool enemy himself Dream Master ethics Modesty Division of faith Evidencing good as actors Patience is the key to relief Friend Saduq Kalshqiq compassionate One where he puts himself People are enemies of what they do not know In the dark all things are you Each vessel, including exudes No religion for those who do not chivalry him The richest morning of the lamp Saving the first men save money "You must not say everything you know

Jin love he is sane and from Jen otherwise he is crazy Smacks broken glass but refine iron No one can humiliating you only help you Silence ingenious answer not mastered by many Soft speech overcomes the right manifest "To light up a small candle is better for you to spend Age curse the darkness " Minute pain hour and an hour of pleasure Deghiqh If given a fool became a dagger Qatla

Make fun of all the wounds did not know of the pain Often wasted money in search of money .. If the price you have bought one Rgavan and buy the price of other flowers Chain strength is measured by the weakest strongly Halqatha Crown could not protect him from headaches The answer is the slave silent anger Other mistakes are always brighter than the Akhtain Sttgahqr to the extent that by progressing Lord's brother did not give your mother Barking dog on the ghost A dog barking Nbaha Who Espqk If you are alone There is a difference between the retreat and escape Small droplets may make a table Who knows nothing may know something else

The governance and popular proverbs:

Labee differ from the stranger, nor the near respecter Dean and owe and pay your debt on another dime Whatever evasion and spin needed showing affordable Give me a lamb's wool and take it Both wears his fund Khrogah Agreed to launch layer They ate and laughed your eating on your mind They envied poor on the mat Rule of compromise better than the judge's ruling Elly what Ancefna I was Samath if Aovrdmath


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