Search for the Google search engine

Search for the Google search engine


  • 1 Google Inc.
  • 2 way work engine Google
  • 3 Make Google Home Page in Chrome browser
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Google Inc.

The Google search engine company American, was established in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, as a subsidiary of the Holding Company Olfabt, and is currently dealing with more than seventy percent of applications for global search across the company, its headquarters is located in Mauten View in California, Google has launched its services as a search, but it is currently offering more than fifty service and products, from e-mail to the production of software for mobile phones and tablets. [1]

Modus operandi engine Google

Google special algorithm to configure the search results is used, called Page Rank, and is used like other search engines, automated programs called spiders or reptiles name, also has a large index of words tagged, and their locations, and the search engine Google is characteristic of the way its ranking of search results, which in turn, determines the presentation of results in the search results pages. [2]

Google search engine offers several options to search, either to search for images, or books, or videos, or news, or definitions, concepts, and all what it takes to search it is writing the word or term to search for, then press the ENTER key, and Google cares case sensitive, as it can suggest the correct way to write some words. [3]

Make Google Home Page in Chrome browser

You can make the Google home page in the Chrome browser by following the following steps: [4]

  • Choose the menu from the top right side of the screen, choose Settings (Settings) and Appearance (Appearance).
  • Activating Home Button (Show Home Button), and writing ( in the custom box so, and then click on OK (OK).
  • Close the Chrome browser, and then re-open to see the new home page.


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