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Install software on Windows

Most programs can be installed on computers that are running Windows through downloaded from the Internet, and comes with steps and install software downloaded from the Internet: [1]

  • Clicking on the download button from the web page.
  • Find the program that has been loaded into the files on your computer, usually located in the Downloads folder (Downloads) and an extension of the type (exe.).
  • Double-clicking on the installation file, to open a new window on the computer screen.
  • Follow the instructions shown to install the software on the device.

Install software on Android

Can install the software and applications on Android devices through many different ways, and some of them as follows: [2]

  • Google Play: (English: Goolge Play), where the software can be installed on the Android device through the use of Google Play shop which serves as the main way to download applications in Android, and can be accessed this store through the application of PlayStation Store (Play Store) or by going to the website of the Google Play on the Internet, and can access this site through the following link: Click here.
  • Other sources: it can install some software on Android devices through the main sources other than the source of which is Google Play, and by default have the option to download software from other sources to hang in Android devices, for security reasons.

Install software on the iPhone

The steps come installed on the iPhone software: [3]

  • Open the App Store Father Store (App Store) through the iPhone.
  • Clicking on the icon search (Search) appears down the Father Store screen.
  • Write the name of the application to be installed within the search bar appears on the screen.
  • Clicking on the search key (Search) apparent within the iPhone keyboard keys.
  • Clicking on the button to get (Get) appears along the application to be installed.
  • Enter fingerprint user or enter the password for the account of Apple (Apple ID).
  • Clicking on the open (Open) button to open the application on the iPhone.


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