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Internet or what can be called a network of networks, which is the most important fruit of the fruits that resulted from three global revolutions of the Union, the information revolution and the communications revolution, and the revolution of computers, as it is one of the world's most important models in exploiting digital networking services, and the Internet is a network information very large, working to connect thousands of computers located around the world with some of them, and used by millions of people.

The emergence of the Internet

The story advent of the Internet due to a network Alorbant, an information network set up by the US Department of Defense in the late sixties, to develop work projects and scientific research in the defense of the scope of military matters, and remained specific Alorbant on the use of the Ministry of Defense until 1986, where he became researchers and academics can use of this network considerably, and participated with several different academic networks and thus changed Alorbant and has become the Internet, and since that time is in the acceleration of significant growth, so that no one can determine exactly what is the size of the Internet at this time, or how they can become tomorrow However, most of the signals is estimated that the number of host computers in the network has reached 6.6 million, while the network of users of 345 million may become almost, it is expected that the number of beneficiaries increases in the coming years to reach more than one billion users, and every day the network increases the number of links are linked millions of beneficiaries in 150 countries and more, the Internet is not an individual or a company or government that has no official or board of directors, it is due to all beneficiaries and employed, and the only authority in charge of the Internet e The Internet Society, a membership body working on an optional Highness the international exchange of information, through the use of the Internet and anyone can be a personal computer which has a reporter and the necessary software, and can pay for services to become common in the Internet.

Internet components

Internet consists of a set of key things, namely:

  • The community of users of the Internet from individuals, institutions and companies.
  • Technology, which consists of hardware and software that works on connecting parts of the Internet and users.
  • Internet governance which is based on global agreements between the engineers, and the implementation by public bodies and specialized agencies working together to address the identification and maintenance of the corridors.
  • Trade deal with the Internet, which begins Bmjhazee Internet service in the public and private spheres, and facilitate access to the Internet through telephone lines Owalhawwasab private individuals.

Internet services provided by

  • Provision of postal services by sending e-mails.
  • Helped in the transfer of information, data and software from a computer to another device process.
  • Link with research and information centers.
  • Access to any information or news or a specific question.
  • It helps to see the latest scientific, technical and cultural developments.
  • Carry out commercial activities and operations of buying and selling and the establishment of financial transactions.


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