Search for elements of physical fitness

Search for elements of physical fitness


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  • 2.1 muscle strength
  • Speed ​​2.2
  • 2.3 Flexibility
  • 2.4 Fitness
  • 2.5 Balance
  • 2.6 muscular compatibility nervous
  • 3 importance of fitness


Fitness is defined as the body's ability to do different types of everyday without feeling tired activities, measured fitness based on some devices, and many scientific tests, then compare the ideal level known fitness, and determine the ability of the individual, and the efficiency of fitness, divided fitness into two parts; Namely: general fitness, which refers to the health and well-being, and special fitness related to a special kind of aerobic exercise, and can get high fitness by getting proper nutrition, and take a break.

Fitness Elements

Muscle power

It can be defined as muscular strength muscle's ability to make the greatest possible energy, and there are a range of factors that affect them; Such as: the size of the muscle, the number and type of fibers and Mtatitha, in addition to psychological Alaoml.

the speed

Speed ​​is the item that indicates the time you need to make the muscle required to physical exertion, and influenced by many factors; Including: muscle fibers, strength, and Mtatitha, as well as a strong will, and compatibility nervous.


Reflects the flexibility of the individual's ability to carry out activities in the largest extent permitted by the muscle and joints are affected by the ability to move well, and the rubber muscle, and the continuous and systematic training has an effect on muscle elasticity.


Fitness is the ability enjoyed by the individual to change the direction of his body, whether on the ground or in the air, in the shortest possible time, and the agility of the body are affected by many factors; The most important: the integrity of the nervous system, and the ability of muscle, in addition to the type of activity, and the speed of his body in response.


Shows the balance on the body's ability to resist falling for as long as possible, and is affected by the safety of members of the body, base poise, high center of gravity, as well as Earth's gravity line, psychological factors.

Muscular compatibility nervous

Muscular compatibility nervous system is the ability to do more than one movement at a time, and is affected by nervous compatibility by general body, any movements by the body during the day compatibility and requires compatibility to occur do some exercises on certain types of movements.

The importance of fitness

  • In social terms: as it extends one more social experiences, which builds character, strengthens he has his membership of the group, and increase the social and moral values, as they improve mixing and interaction with the community.
  • Hygienic: fitness improved physical health of the public individual, and have an important role in Tazizalritin and Thvezhma to work efficiently, regulate the heart muscle, and increase its size, and the development of members of the muscular system, in addition to its importance in reducing the spread of the heart, and those related to obesity, which improves the strength of the body and composition, also increases the attractiveness of the individual personality.
  • Psychologically: Sport allows an individual to express himself, and increase its ability to control his emotions, which improves his actions, particularly in embarrassing situations.


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