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early childhood

Early childhood can be defined as the period beginning after the end of the second year of a child's life to the beginning of the sixth year, and is considered one of the most important stages in human life as the foundation stone for personal refinement and development; This is because its growth at this stage be fast, especially mental and intellectual growth, and at this stage of human witnessing many changes that can arise upon a child, including the following:

  • Usually the child is a lot of movement and activity at this stage.
  • Attempt to identify the nature of the environment in which the child resides.
  • The rapid growth in the linguistic aspect.
  • The growth of what has been gained from the skills and abilities by his parents.
  • The ability to differentiate between right and wrong business or between good and evil.
  • The beginning of the same growth that lead to show the difference in personal ways, so it can be easily observed at the end of this stage.

Growth requirements in early childhood

  • Maintain a child's life.
  • Learn how to walk.
  • Learn the correct way to eat.
  • Learn how to output and adjust his times.
  • Giving the child the necessary motor skills to play.
  • Learn the basic skills that give the child the ability to read, write and arithmetic.
  • Learn the principles of safety and security.
  • Work on the development of the child and improves their healthy trend towards self-realization.

Growth problems in early childhood

Urination problem Allarada

This is the problem of the most common problems among children in the third or fourth year of age, usually it may be the result of either physiological causes or social and educational reasons, and can be overcome through:

  • Find out the cause of the problem, it may be the result of anxiety or fear of a particular order.
  • The need to educate parents to the problem and how to control it.
  • Prevent the child from drinking liquids at night.
  • Accustom the child and his training at night waking.
  • Encourage the child through rewarded, and punishment in case of failure to obey orders.

Aggressive Child

The problem Alaadaon is considered a kind of social behavior, which its owner aims to achieve all what he wants to do through the control of others or harming oneself instead of depriving him of the different things that he loves, and can overcome the problem through:

  • Early detection of children's tendencies toward aggressive.
  • Zero tolerance in dealing with the aggressive child, so must be punished, but away from the methods of punishment is very violent.
  • Including expressions of interest subjected to aggression by the child, and to ensure that the child is a witness to this attention.
  • This problem is to resolve family cooperation.


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