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Search for e-marketing


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Due to the evolution of the world and the evolution of living methods, there has become known as online marketing, and they rely old on the promotion of the commodity and marketing on the ground and face-to-face, but today they are promoting a commodity and online shopping networks around the whole world and not only on a particular perimeter, and became a network marketing web Internet some sort of new techniques in the world of marketing and sales, there are several sites interested in the promotion and marketing of goods and products, through the Internet and digital devices and mobile phones without the need for papers, and based marketing success methods of marketing employee experience, financial and budget specific, and methods of marketing followed.

Elements and e-marketing tools

Summed up the marketing elements of the electronic product and distinguish it, the desired price, the target community, and how the distribution and promotion, communication processes and delivery, and e-marketing process you need many tools to make marketing a successful effective, these tools is to search electronic display product engines, social sites to promote product , YouTube and sites that explain the product in detail and how to purchase and the process of communication, and marketing program that displays the full product specifications, and e-mail communication between the customer and employee marketing, and the work of electronic advertising to display the product catches the client in a way.

Opportunities and Challenges of e-marketing

Led development that the heart of the world Petknologith which made the world a very its evolution small village, to provide opportunities and challenges for the marketing staff that the most important:

  • Save time and effort of many marketing staff and customers.
  • Reducing the obstacles placed in front of the two parties buyer and seller, where a person buys his product specifications they want without traveling in or out of work.
  • Taking more time to talk with the client, and delegating.
  • Use of technology and attention.
  • Provide many job opportunities for the workforce and contribute to the creation of jobs for educated people with special needs.
  • Provide added value to the commodity.
  • Get rid of the role of the traditional marketing employee who suffers a lot of people refused to deal with him.

E-marketing advantages

Everything is new as a double-edged sword, and has the advantages he may cons, advantages and disadvantages are summarized in:

  • Interaction remains constant and open at any time.
  • Won the trust of customers, and get a large number of them.
  • Make a profit with a high ceiling.
  • Legal requirements for ease of sale and purchase in e-marketing sites.
  • Protection of information and the accounts of customers, and the customers the right to access their information to modify and delete.
  • Easy access to the item to be purchased online networks, bypassing time and space.
  • Marketing item is open to all companies regardless of the income of a large, medium or small.
  • And methods of electronic marketing mechanisms with low cost.
  • The ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in their marketing operations.


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