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Search for computer viruses


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Computer viruses

The virus is a small part of the code software is placed on real programs in the computer, for example, the virus associated Berang exists on the computer, such as data tables, and every time you run the data tables are running the virus as well, and the virus the ability to produce many copies of it attached to programs and lead to other disabled. [1]

Types of viruses

There are several types of viruses, and differ from each other in terms of their impact on the infected machine, including the following: [2]

  • Viruses that infect files, this type connects the same programs that carry along "EXE." Or "COM.".
  • Viruses mutated (in English: Polymorphic viruses), and this kind of virus has the ability to change its code without changing the mechanism of action; So as to avoid detection by anti-virus software, especially programs that rely on virus detection by fingerprint analysis.
  • Viruses resident (in English: Resident viruses), which is that hides itself in random access memory (in English: RAM) for the system, he can count the virus to infect new files and programs, even if the original file is deleted for the virus, usually the virus begins this work when activating the operating system (English: Operating system) program or start a particular job.
  • Alrotkit (viruses in English: Rootkit viruses); The installation of rootkit on the target device, which are programs that allow the implementation and activation of administrative orders in the computer, then you can modify or disable system programs or functions, this virus is able to avoid most of the anti-virus software; Especially those that do not work on the survey Alrotkit programs on the device.
  • Viruses that infect the boot sector, and this kind of virus automatically installs itself on your hard drive or flash memory (in English: USB flash drive) or other so that you start working immediately after activation of these devices.

Ways to protect your computer from viruses

There are many simple steps that can be done in order to protect the computer from viruses, including: [3]

  • Use anti-malware application (in English: antimalware app).
  • Not to open e-mail messages from people who are unknown or unfamiliar, and not open attachments in these messages unless the facility expected.
  • Use pop-up blocker (in English: pop-up blocker) with a web browser, a small pages appear on top Web sites.

Video Robot Death

Is it possible that the world is up to the stage where computers control us? And where science arrived in robotics techniques? Watch the video to know it:


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