Sayings about treason

Sayings about treason

The hardest thing in this world to meet someone and find him opposite treachery and betrayal, feeling assassin who stick a heart as an arrow, and here in this article you collected sayings about treason.


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Sayings about treason

  • I really live in a black time ... the good word do not find the net front hears ... expose treason ... which is still laughs has not yet heard the news terrible ... no this time? .- Bertolt Brecht (poet, writer and theater director German)
  • How many times Hzmtna treason without Guetal.- Saad Allah News
  • Treason does not flourish, because it flourished if you will not dare to call one Khianh.- John Harrington
  • Fidelity is not required, if the request begging and humiliation for love, the case was not spontaneous, it is nothing more than a permanent circumvent the lust of betrayal and suppression of her ... a betrayal of any kind Akhr.- dreams Mosteghanemi
  • Akis cyst piety, and the foolish foolishness of debauchery, and believe honesty Secretariat, lying and lie Alkhianh.- Abu Bakr
  • In love women for their inability to get rid of treason The man shall be saved because he was tired of Alkhianh.- William Shakespeare (writer and playwright English)
  • Abu Dhar said Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan when he saw a palace built Bazja: If this is the owner of extravagance but of money the nation it is treason.

Statements for treason

  • There is no difference between the betrayal of conscience and betrayal of reality only implementation.
  • There are people who have those superstitious ability to walk over the hearts of others without feeling guilty.
  • They come when we stop waiting, and come back when we came back Atocdonn we are concerned with their return.
  • Treason in the same dead end despicable.
  • Steal Rgivk ... and then they give him a piece ... and then Aomronk to thank them for their generosity ... Aaelloukahthm.
  • Traitor of the nation is the cause of the step for the enemy in the homeland.
  • Treason greater risk, not a point of view.
  • The tired in the good, the fatigue disappears and remains good, but Tlzzt the sins of pleasure go away and sins remain.
  • Counting laziness like betrayal, not looking for comfort as your destiny is incomplete only in death.
  • If the person betrayed you once this is his sin, but if this is your sin twice betrayed you.

Examples of treason

  • Cool off cooler.
  • Ish Ortja of you, Sfaraglh and every bite lump.
  • Grandfathers monkeys they slept.
  • Treason uniform death is irreversible.
  • Eyes Albesash Tendq where a bullet.
  • Elly disadvantage in the face is not Itagty Lindas.
  • Ze rat whole briber has a walker.
  • Elly Ichor what you divorce Yuasik in separation.
  • Elly delivers Dguenh people Antvoha.
  • Who coveted the right of others, O night.
  • Who steals an egg steals the camel.
  • Who eats meat intent Tmgs stomach.
  • Elly over his head, he felt shoved them.
  • Who betrays her husband dies Pfgeorha her heart and feeling.
  • My hand Osagah and the hands of his mouth and wheat degrades his fingers in my eyes is not ashamed of the blood.
  • Take my love and my soul and Atrkina managerial wounds.
  • Got into the hands and Khrzina leg.
  • Zee Torrent betray the day and night.
  • Ze Hanash pinches and Alibd.
  • Help me help me and the time of distress Varkona.
  • Eye and pounded athasyia do not provide it.
  • Mirrors in the face and in the nape Hrbaia.
  • The whole plays only laugh at Adakkon.
  • When you flesh Oklona and what became the greatness threw me.
  • From selling it sold you shell with beans.
  • What transmits your news only from your household income.
  • Luigi you on my selfless charity Yurek Zamani from the time of others.
  • It kills the dead and walk in his funeral.

Sayings about betrayal in love

  • That someone stabs you in your back, this is normal, but to pay attention and find the people closest to you this is a disaster.
  • It's really unfortunate that the search for truth in the era of treason and looking for love in the hearts of the cemetery.
  • If there is a man who loves you, you are lucky, and if it is sincere in love you are more fortunate people.
  • More people vileness is that which gives you back and you desperately need to grip his hand.
  • There is nothing worse than a man who asks for your name as long as the word Iqrnh always love you.
  • There is no doubt that you are the dumbest people if you're looking for love in the heart of Ilk.
  • Treason sometimes be the most beautiful feeling of the victim if the person deserves.
  • True love does not end only the death of the owner and the false love dies when its owner lives.
  • Every traitor for making himself a thousand and one excuses to convince himself that he did the right thing.
  • Sincere love when the moon is full and the eclipse is an end when they treacherously.
  • Love the beautiful Kalzahrp and meet are dew drops and betrayal are the shoe obnoxious, which tramples on the Rose Vishakha.
  • O traitor ... if every love story ends with treason to become all the people like you.
  • Love beautiful feelings and sensations upscale ... Love is the life of hearts dead.
  • If you were not eligible to say the word love because love is not taking her sacrifice, patience and fatigue.
  • Do not ask me for treason, I do not think there are words that can be described.
  • If you love honestly put your trust in God and do not lose hope if you are a liar Varahl and talked about the fate and destiny.
  • Rare coin fulfilling hearts are banks and a few banks that deal with this type of currency.
  • Not ashamed of the bride traitorous sit in one Kocp with a man who does not know what made her hands in one of the men.
  • Sincere heart says I love you ... So I'm ready to do anything for you.
  • Please, convinced me of anything but treason because it is the heart crash and remove the life from the bowels of the Spirit.
  • If you love honestly do not waver because inaction is treason but different letters.
  • Sincere love beautiful memory remains forever false and love ends to another point in the bottom of the wound.
  • If you tore my heart is not talking about love because love is innocent of the traitors.
  • If in your heart and one atom of love, make sure that the last thing you would think it is to get away from me.
  • Should not be ashamed to talk about love and that you planted in my heart more painful wounds.
  • If you love me may love you and probably do not care about you and if you hate me but make sure that the hatred not only kill the heart of the owner.
  • The man should not be ashamed to represent the beloved role Roamer with every woman's encounter.


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