Sayings about nature

Sayings about nature

Nature is one of the things that man must keep them, because they give us the spirit and life and optimism which is the most beautiful eyes what you see, here in this column you collected sayings about nature, I hope you like it.

Sayings about nature

  • Nature is telling us that the human mind Negotiable that doubles its rate tremendously if I need to, if you want to raise repair people, Vmutir their minds to work not their muscles. - Stephen Hawking
  • The nature of humanity, when Mdilla minds, fixed and does not change as well as for the world .. The tyrants develop a series of approaches, exclude any depiction of the world as an issue or a problem and focus on the show in the form of the entity hard, or as something given, something people should, as mere spectators, they come to terms with him. - Herbert Schuler
  • Life is either a daring adventure or nothing .. Security does not exist in nature, and can not be for all mankind that are testing continuously .. avoid danger is no safer in the long term exposure to risk. - Helen Keller
  • Experimental science can not solve the mystery of the fundamental nature of this in the end because we are part of nature and thus part of the puzzle that we are trying to Bumblebee. - Max Planck
  • What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our ways of thinking. - Werner Heisenberg
  • We are waging a war against nature if we won it may lose. - Hubert Reeves
  • What kept the survival of humanity on this old planet, despite all the vagaries of nature and the failures of human beings is our belief in the great potential of new and courage to stand behind it. - Jane Adams
  • Sit in front of the truth like a small child .. Be prepared to give up all your thoughts presets, and follow the nature humbly to any place and any abyss will lead you to it .. Otherwise you will not learn anything. - Thomas Henry Huxley
  • Any beauty in nature can compete with the beauty of a woman who loves. - Alphonse de Lamartine
  • We live in a dangerous world of Man is the rule of nature before they learn how to govern himself. - Albert Schweitzer
  • The science and society in order to evolve must Atkhalsa of four idols: the first idol is an idol of the tribe, a whole false beliefs planted in human nature, man mountain in his thinking to rely on intuition and aspirations and the tendency towards generalization judgments and reasons without the scrutiny of a logical or practical believes that the beliefs of his tribe or his race or his group is the truth .. the second idol is an idol of the cave which defects resulting from the personal nature of each individual and of which generated his own convictions (is confined in a cave of his ideas), which are often arbitrary .. idol third fetish market, a false beliefs resulting from humans communicate with each other and result in the exchange of words and terms despite the general falsity and generality are adopted .. idol fourth fetish theater in which people are likened to spectators in a theater they receive education from the stage. What is meant here is the whole intellectual system and Aldugmatah that have been taught to the community, creating a world theater and a false system of prejudices that stand an obstacle in the face of the truth. - Francis Bacon
  • Nature tough but it is not necessary to be as well. - Temple Grandin
  • Such as music and art .. love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries. - Jimmy Carter
  • It is not supposed to be Mtaajabin of the irregular nature because it is with the analytical genius enough any path naturally possible to show that he has regularly .. which should surprise us is the fact that the regularity that we see in a simple enough to be able to detect nature. - Bertrand Russell
  • Boredom punishment of nature for those who do not work. - Mustafa Mahmoud
  • It is impossible to imagine Western civilization without the fruits of the Arab flag .. The art of algebra of the algorithm or medical teachings of comprehensive Ibn Sina or geography and art mapping Idrissi continued to day or strict rationality of Ibn Rushd, but more importantly, the work of any person who has been contributing to the total of the Arabs those located in any contemporary perception that science is the core of the West can give the human ability to harness nature. - Jonathan Lyons
  • Say was: we are wrong if we consider that the nature of the human granted special advantages and its meat from other animals, including the endowment of benefits, but she did not hold back on it - like other animals - effects the devastating plague, famine, floods, hail, assaults large or small animals and adds Kant in another text : they are (ie nature) dealing with human cruelty and without the mercy of human beings kill each other like flies, plants and animals grow wild to the extent that some of them strangling others, and that nature does not pay any attention to what they need care and prevention, and wars (which rotates among humans ) destroyed what has built a great business with great care. - Immanuel Kant (German philosopher)
  • The social system is not the nature of it the product of agreements. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau (writer and philosopher Jennifa)
  • Be a kid again because it is only with childhood can gain Afoatk and will become part of a flood of new nature. - Osho
  • I have not decided to change things, but I left my intuition leads me to change a bunch of things but I did not try to change human nature has been there Stateless gratitude they are still present and Seugdon always. - Hassan II bin Mohammed (King of Morocco)

Sayings about the beauty of nature

  • May be the root for all our problems, human problems, we are that we are ready to sacrifice everything in our lives of beauty, to imprison ourselves in worship, taboos, crucified, sacrifice of blood, towers, mosques, races, armies, flags, homelands, in order to deny death as a reality However, it is the only reality we know. - James Baldwin

What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our ways of thinking. - Werner Heisenberg

  • Do not fill the shortage that you have, which provide in other pockets of happiness, love, money, reputation, virtue, beauty, mind .. etc., because all mentioned is originally non-surplus when others almost not enough for the completion of life - both will of self or divine! - although you are bound to do so, Valmqaydh is better than the monument and exploitation. - such as account
  • If good face is called the virtue of the beauty of the soul higher and better. - Elia Abu Madi
  • When the revolution conflict with the youth revolution wrong. - Jamal Abdulnasser
  • I have no desire to return to the past, I adore the beauty and comfort of the present day and will not go back to Lamcy even if you are able to do so. - Charles Swindoll
  • The love of my heart is not Bmnsec beauty beloved: Love is weak. - Mahmoud Abbas El Akkad
  • Harsh nature but it is not necessary to be as well. - Temple Grandin

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