Sayings about beauty

Sayings about beauty

  • You can not rely on the color of your skin and how it looks until you feel stable and trust yourself .. What is beautiful is basically that you have mercy for yourself and those around you .. This kind of beauty, illuminating the heart and enchants the soul.
  • Real love meet souls, spirits do not compete in beauty nor in intelligence, because all spirits beautiful and smart.
  • Beauty is harmony with the goal shape.
  • The most beautiful things in the world you can not see them or even touch it, you should feel your heart.
  • If you look with optimism into existence, I saw a common beauty in all its atoms.
  • Beautiful girl carrying her dowry on her forehead.
  • I loved you because you are forced not the most beautiful, but because you are the deepest Fahq beauty is usually a fool.
  • O complainant and what your disease, you see a beautiful Be nice presence.
  • The civilization of the West or East Aamthelha but human represented able to taste the beauty wherever he sees.
  • The soft in brilliant force stronger than the force itself, because it shows you where the subject of compassion and humility in the best beauty of beauty, because he denies his vanity. And everything from power is not a place where something from the mercy of God, putting it on people from destruction laws.
  • It should glorify the Creator when you see beauty.
  • O beauty lovers and they will continue to exhort one another, and if the hypocrisy and let it be rude frankness brave.
  • Hassan's apparent beauty, the beauty of the mind and good soles.
  • Although not able to be involved making beauty at least to celebrate it.
  • Girls Eve herbs and flowers ... Vastlhm mind and see how you choose, do not deceive the beautiful face ... how many in the cast and how much poison in the grass drug.
  • If a person encountered something beautiful overly beauty .. wanted to cry.
  • Beauty may lack the virtue, the virtue is not lacking never beauty.
  • Wander the world in search of beauty we do not know that we should we carry within us, otherwise will never be found.
  • Beauty amuse eyes, tenderness and self-enchant.
  • How a state of beauty was not afraid I need a lifetime of ugliness to reach them.
  • Love, who is only interested in physical beauty is not real love.
  • Wisdom is the summary of the past, beauty is the promise of the future.
  • The same beautiful in a beautiful body is ideal for beauty.
  • Hair task to lift the veil for something hidden beauty and redefines our vision for aesthetics.
  • Laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to gain appreciation critics truthful bear betrayal friends the false, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave this world better off slightly though, whether through care for a healthy baby, or your care garden, or dosing of the state of social difficult, to know that one life has breathed more easily just because you lived .. to do all of this means that you have succeeded.
  • Beauty unprovable in it, but a good self-setting calls for a proof.
  • Beauty really forget the time.
  • A big difference between that you love because it is beautiful, and be beautiful because you love her.
  • My life was beautiful where I saw a lot of pain and a lot of beauty .. It was a trip enjoyable and varied and this is life in the end .. it is important to love yourself and the universe and people.
  • Beauty is inseparable from the eyes of the beholder.
  • Not beauty gowns Tzanna. . The beauty and the beauty of science literature.
  • I will not think of all this misery, but I will continue to think of all this beauty who remained.
  • The field of beauty and wide in which contradictions abound so that one could discuss topics in the appreciation of beauty more than they can in any other subject.
  • From behind the walls of the present, the generations following the theater, I saw the beauty and soul groom and bride whole life much of the night.
  • Just an outer layer of beauty, the ugliness shall be even farther bones.
  • I read books in many definition of beauty, I did not find anyone from the definition of Tagore: The beauty is sincerity.
  • The beauty is the face of the nation in the world in order to preserve our beauty Valenhfez our dignity.
  • Looking for a good and smart and beautiful woman looking for three women.
  • Beauty Kvakeh summer, easy to get and hard to keep.
  • Beauty awakens the soul to work.
  • You can create beauty even from the stones that put you bump in the road.
  • Fine is not always good .. but .. good .. always beautiful.
  • Do not betrothed to the gracious, but the fortress .. met Hassan and the fortress that is the absolute beauty.
  • The beauty of the most important conditions for many smile.
  • In human reach to buy just the beauty of the face and cod easily, as buying flower .. but the heart of the Secretary-loyal, self pure pure, great mind, and the rest of the elements that make owners of all of these goods do not buy nor sold.
  • Who knows his Lord .. saw everything in life is nice.
  • Beautiful: Own "hearts" .. and virtuous: steal minds.
  • Beauty: It is the purity of heart .. and the purity of conscience .. and chastity view.
  • Beauty in how to behave, not how Ttjml.
  • The beauty of the soul is the only thing that can not time to obtain it.


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