Sad words from the heart

Sad words from the heart

May come conditions on us sour cream of our lives, and fills our days sorrow suffer heart of them, we feel then the end of all that is beautiful, and from the torment of the soul and the heart, sit confused in pain do not know what to do, look and write phrases may cross and remove volcano pain within us, so we wanted here in writing sad words stemming from the heart filled pain:

  • So are the days .. Ahramtna even dreams .. fell in love with unity and suffering .. wedding veil between me and them .. How long, O my heart? How long Stalmna days? How long Soktm grief.
  • Sbhna nkzb. Ldrjh their buti grandtheftautolibertycitystories tie lbh alsrahh .. .. discrete grandtheftautolibertycitystories lack sbht alsrahh.
  • What is the benefit if the coat spirit in your absence feel cold .. wound the years.
  • Grief is so slow death ... is that the silent pain that implanted in the human body and is trying to hide publicly and appears in the form of vibrations in the body Kalzlzal working on all the feelings of shaking the pain.
  • Sometimes we hope that our dreams are reality .. and sometimes wish it was our reality a dream.
  • That you miss the most difficult memories that you miss people.
  • Aches contend, there is no heart returned loves not breath now longs.
  • Do not grieve Tipetk, it was not found in the ground, estimated in heaven bless them.
  • Recently I became love being on the edge of things .. so do not fall terrifies me pain.
  • At the moment I try to be a good ... I discovered even worse.
  • They are so when they meet new people .. forget those who were with them for years.
  • I need to become calm, such as elderly only.
  • The owner of the share Bdnita and Mali share Bdnitk, Atrkina lament Bdnita and let go Taathenne Bdnitk.
  • How can they say they understand us, and they can not see the sadness in our eyes.
  • Joy neat visitor to the point that he did not stay long!
  • This stzf lghyrh, cxinvali syqf mtfrja yhtrq bsmt.
  • At night our chests choked, similar Mlamehna, we cry a lot and hide our tears for fear that one sees.
  • When you left I took half my heart, half of my mind, half of my health.
  • The change will be very painful when the hearts of change you think it is the other part of you.
  • Forced me to write my tears ... I forced me to cry my concerns ... and forced me to think about my heart ... and forced me to think that I hurt ... and that forced me to suffer bleeding ... bleeding and forced me to die ... and death forced me to lament.
  • Stir feelings inside me just ... anniversary of accumulated no more.
  • If it was in my hand it to hide my tears for the collapse of all but crushed those eyes .. that exposes what hides hearts.
  • Someone stole a heart .. and burned lifetime .. and sow disappointment ever!
  • Will not saddens me something ... Everything inside me died.
  • See absentee dreams .. most types of pain meeting.
  • Nice to see something that was already hurt and now you do not move a finger.
  • Sorry, O life, I will live my life for myself .. and those who Abadlna the feelings of sincere love of my life will not stop Habib nor a friend left him disappointed to think it .. and I will continue to bury my feelings away from my heart and will not wait for anyone to me feel the value of myself, I know her well.
  • I do not know, I have a no calm now .. but what I do know that my sadness makes me quiet Khdu dead.
  • It brings us a dream stolen circumstances.
  • In the north of the land between us and you south overnight distances and conflict ... Jet Wave and you play every direction and Rdah luck broke sail ... taught me Basmtk and Chlon taught me and I dissolve how Geptk loss.
  • Do not be fooled Dghm they do not laugh but joy. . In order to avoid suicide.
  • Well done to him and abused him an eternity in the day and forgot forever remember today.
  • Dream Iengueni: to fly with the birds and the late .. I will migrate to a world where not moan and nostalgia.
  • I want everyone to keep strangers; So I do not feel Boukepthm .. sometimes painful proximity.
  • I ... I do not my pain I know only a sad smile ... and the top of my joy ... I see a smile in the face of childhood ... There is no truer than the innocence of children ... There are no truer than tear childhood ... to cry when a child Whitney Hanan I find my mother ... I find her and I find honesty ... I comfort me in the world of frequent esta where lies ... tell the truth and the many betrayals.
  • Not my eye weep not for the grace of forgetfulness ... Isa loss Dmatk descend on those who do not observe.
  • Nostalgia for the past is very beautiful, but it has no return regardless of splendor.
  • Someday .. realize that I will not like death .. not repeat in your life again.
  • Wait .. painful and forgetfulness too painful! But do know whichever is the worst kinds of suffering.
  • Do not reveal roses Baanaajh water, either watered live or die .. quietly.
  • Do not trust someone who loves you quickly, either he wants you to entertainment, or someone is trying to forget you.
  • Do not travel to the desert in search of beautiful trees you will not find in the desert is Alouhcp and see hundreds of trees that will make you happy and Thtwik shadow fruit ... and Chjak her music.
  • Do not look to the leaves that change color ... and Stun letters ... and got lost Storha between pain and loneliness ... you will discover that these lines are not the most beautiful what I wrote ... and that these papers are not written down what else ... must distinguish between the put in his eyes ... Stork and threw it to the wind ... these were not the words of the lines just a beautiful passing ... but the feelings of the heart of the characters lived characters and pulse of a person carrying a dream and stung borne by pain.
  • I was wearing a black door elegance and today became the consciences of mourning wear it dead.
  • Those who miss? Cased in your heart ... hearts that yearns for human beings ... moaning and hearts that longs to God rest assured.
  • Do not try to restore yesterday's account and lost it; Age is when fall leaves will not go back again, but with each new spring leaves will sprout again look to these papers that cover the face of the sky, and let alone, which fell to the ground has become a part of it.
  • أشتَهِي مَدِينَة مَهجوَرةً هَادِئَه، هَادِئَه جِداً .. أسكُنَ بِهَا : أنَا وَمَا تبقىَ مِن نبضِيَ فَقَط.
  • The feelings of the heart of the characters lived characters ... and the pulse of a person carrying a dream ... and stung borne by pain.
  • Recently became ... I love being on the edge of things ... so do not fall terrifies me pain.
  • Stay away from the people, it reveals the wonderful people and reveals people disappointed their hopes.
  • I make forgetfulness every night because I am fully aware that return after the absence of the taste never.
  • Something looks like .. despair leads me to sleep and not wake up.
  • Rest assured, O of you Habiba..ln told them the pain of your memories Haia..vhakouk reserved.
  • Mood tired .. .. and observed a bad pal no longer cares anything.
  • Do not be like a heron ... this strange bird that sings the most beautiful pub, a Anzv..fla thing in the world worth your blood from one point.
  • Not counted crumb Khater crumb like hand .. hand forced and thoughts remain anything but someone who does not fail to put all his trust in you.
  • So we are without .. like us Sreet dark black, despite the hype that is inhabited.
  • Hdoia does not mean that I was fine, but there is an explosion in my heart .. I do not want to be directed by one .. Verwqa my pain, my God, what came back in the room spirit.


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