Rule in life

Rule in life

Rule in life

Life is full of governance and sermons and issued by people who have lived wisdom, and was created by us briefly and useful .... then Tnaqlnaha from one generation to another, some of them to you .......

When someone guide you his heart that the key to make sure you do not waste it ..... Van fiefdom will not find him another copy There is always suffers more than you ...... optimistic

You can not chase worries flying over your head .... but you can prevent them To live in your head

It is not difficult to sacrifice for a friend ... but it is hard to find a friend who Worth the sacrifice

Do not judge a person from his relatives only ....... Man did not choose his parents, let alone His relatives

Do not argue with a fool ...... people may mistake to differentiate between you

Server money is good ...... but bad master

If you do not find justice in the lower court .... the lengthy court your everlasting life .... The Witnesses angels, and the case and the judge reserved ruling judge

Do not live on the waiting one, it is not considered an asset to him .... it is not considered the loss of his absence is yours

Day of Justice on the unjust ..... more severe than the day of injustice on the oppressed Do not make your heart like a river of drink it pleases ..... but Ahal your heart like the sea not

Drink it only immersed in it

When you talk and you're angry .... I know you will say the greatest modern regret it all your life

No need to fear the sound of bullets ..... Valrsasp kill you will not hear her voice

Three do not blame them when angry ..... patient traveler ..walsaim ...

A man came to one of the wise men and asked: I married a woman and her grandmother lame, do me ??? normal result He said to him: If you want to race them .... returned that

Walks of walks in humility .... It is an eternity walking hastily stumbled

Do not contest the taste of your wife ..... chose first

Hebei Qrhk White .... black for your day

You do not want the girl from the world, but a good husband ... and I asked him if it came everything

If things Hfezthma do not care about what you'll miss after ..... Darhamk for your pension and your religion .... For your future

These are some of the referee is the point of this ocean of life, including Flanattabr .


We regret it!

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