Rule for optimism

Rule for optimism


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  • 2 rule for happiness
  • 3 rule of hope
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  • 4.1 poem of hope
  • 4.2 poem song of joy
  • 4.3 poem optimism

Statements of optimism

  • If you look with optimism into existence, I saw a common beauty in all its atoms.
  • When not is optimistic, Itsos intelligence.
  • Download your homework a little bit more and the future will come from his own.
  • Optimism Art made by the souls of God confident beverage.
  • Life without love and optimism is not considered life.
  • If you can not make it good, at least make it look good.
  • It is not important what happens to you, but it is important what you will do with what is happening to you.
  • Do not despair with life, and no life with despair.
  • If you look with optimism into existence, I saw a common beauty in all its atoms.
  • Give every day the chance to be the most beautiful days of your life.
  • Everything has its flavor, even darkness and silence, and I learned to be happy regardless of the situation I'm in.
  • Insisting on optimism may make what was impossible.
  • Feeling optimistic means that there is something beautiful coming.
  • Your mind like a garden, either to cultivate flowers of hope and optimism or despair fill Bhuk and pessimism, enchantments well find.
  • He smiled to conquer your despair, he smiled to strengthen your determination, and receives donations of life with optimism.

Rule for happiness

  • Oh God, happiness and success in every step in our lives.
  • Happiness Rose sprout inside our homes do not Nktefha from other gardens.
  • Happiness for others is an orphan friend sees asleep in the lap of his parents Faihbs tear smiling.
  • Happiness is said to be one of them your name in prayer every day and you do not feel, Lord mocked us slaves who call us well.
  • Talk with the spirit of love for the whole HE keeps the world.
  • Money does not bring happiness but allows us to live Taastna well-being.
  • Happy do not have everything, but convinced everything.
  • Be the joy wherever you enraptured solution.
  • Happiness does not need a big transmutation, small things able to Thzna in the rear.
  • There are human beings like rain when it falls spread happiness and invitations, there are human beings like the dust blowing wave when the breasts are filled with upset.
  • Happiness is the satisfaction of my mother from me.
  • Happiness reasons. First, "Praise be to God."
  • Sometimes things do not value us happy when you have some.
  • Happiness to find someone who looks like a lot of your soul.
  • Happiness point of view, is not in drinking a cup of tea, but in the place where Tansah, and the person who shared with him Bouh and fun that meeting.
  • Happiness is that you have someone you afraid of pain and younger than the rule of your problems and tell you that everything is not worth your sorrow.
  • Real happiness to end your day and did not kill a happier, no Tgtab did not expose a cover, and be kept on the five I have read from the Koran and I called to invite the absent honestly.

The rule of hope

  • Man becomes old when replace excuses replaced hope.
  • The great hopes of the great people make.
  • Trust in God purer hope and trust in Him fuller employment.
  • Strong mind lasting hope, and it has always been a cause for hope.
  • Man without hope without water as plants, and without a smile Kordh without smell, and without faith in God, a monster in a herd ruthless.
  • Hope is a waking dream.
  • You should not lose hope in humanity, Humanity ocean, and if the few drops of dirty ocean does not become dirty the entire ocean.
  • Without hope tomorrow what the oppressed lived until today.
  • Who has health has hope, and has hope has everything.
  • What I saw something Kktherh controversy frustrates hope and destroy the work.
  • The most beautiful and finest architecture in the world to build a bridge of hope on the river of despair.
  • Strong mind lasting hope, and it has always been a cause for hope.
  • Hope is that small window, which no matter how small size, it opens wide horizons in life.

Poems for optimism

A poem of hope

Mahmoud Darwish says:

Still in Sahonkm the rest of honey

Responded flies Sahonkm

To beware honey!

Still in Kromkm Anaked of grapes

Responded jackals

O keepers of vineyards

Simmer grapes ..

Still in your houses and door mat ..

By blocking the wind for Sgarkm

Lying to children

Wind bitterly cold .. Feltgrul doors ..

Still in the blood of your hearts

Do not Tesfhoha fathers ..

In the Jenin Ohachaikm ..

Firewood is still in Moukdkm

And coffee .. package of flame.

A poem song of joy

Ghada Samman says:

Sogsl this morning my face dozens of times

Sobtzm bright smile

Who knew it as Fajr

I will read the verses of optimism

And echo songs of joy

Which saved about you

Sokhala me dark days of the past and sorrow

And dance to the tune of your words

Musician stringed heart

Then my coffee Sip

Without which I put more sugar

Emma Fdhubh yesterday gives me the sweetness

On the road congestion

I will look for you in all faces

The more missed you

I'll be out of your photo Hnaya Fouad

And look at it eagerly

Then Odsha seconds between the ribs

If you heard your voice phone me

Sosaad so much turmoil

So avoid blood in the veins

The whole virgins Hyaia to prevent me say I love you

And in myself to Invite say it

Usher in the meeting that the near

In the evening, when the sunset brings us together

In the mythical oasis


Above the steppe and coral hills

I will solve Jaddaila

To fly back declared madness

As Idrickni fatigue come back to you my listing

Lay near Bourne

Above the table bright grass

Mtosdh arms Aldaafqatan tenderness

As a small child home to the end

To the bosom of his mother

We listened to the tales of mint

Winter and burning in fireplaces

If Gbanni drowsiness

Excuse me, my darling


Do not forget to Tdtherna warm kiss.

Poem optimism

Ahmed Matar says:

Knock my door object carries the shackles of slaves ugly ..

Infection in his mouth and in his palm obituary

And with his own eyes and feast.

His head between his legs and feet blood

And his arms Pus.

He said: I have good news for you.

I said: good ?!

He said: record ..

The past will become a pure memory of sadness.

It will be replaced by extreme oppression!

If not inhabit the wage

You will not pay after today paid.

They will give you a house in which iron rods!

Is no longer possible to kill insidious.

It's for sure!

You will increase the power of faith in you.

Will Tnjun fire

Do not enter into the fire martyr.


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