Resulted in the mountain Vonjb rat

Resulted in the mountain Vonjb rat

We often hear the phrase, spoken frequently in some forums, and after enemy positions conclude these words, what its meaning? And the feasibility of them?

The meaning of the phrase that the strength and greatness of the mountain and the large size when he wanted to beget something, was supposed to beget a mountain like him, but he gave birth to a rat !, Why ?! fathered a rat This lack of achievement guide after expecting too much, and said about this phrase when waiting for something big, and accomplish a great, great work from a person or an institution or group or any one, but in contrast, did not come out of them something useful, was not accomplishment as much time and effort that made him .

Student inspires everyone he sees nights and he taught a lot, and says he did not leave a book not only a summary of his lesson, and it is good to follow up his lessons, and then if it came last year, we've seen crowned the list of failure; This is because all that was the illusion of an effort by everyone is not hard, it is a representation of what he had worked hard.

Many are the institutions and companies that result in mice, you hear them banging in the media, and many of us talk about, announce what will work and what not accomplished by, words more than deeds, everyone seems to be a bee hive is working inside, which is originally empty essence, even if announced a large activity or a great concert by denomination, the mouse appears suddenly, the shallowness achievement which was only air bubbles appear.

Arab summits despite the sequencing and Toalleha, the head of changing the head of one and the rest of the heads is changing as it is, and hopes the citizen with something new in every summit, because the Earth and reality has changed, and many developments have taken place, the expectation that there will be a change in their meetings and their tops, and begin the summit and held for a day and two days and three, and waits for the citizen big decisions, great and positions, and then declares all state decisions that do not exceed the ink on the paper, and do not give the value of the ink which is written, he shall bring forth a mouse again as each time came out, after the throes of a large mountain lasted long nights, she did not come out of them a real achievement, only the completion of the features of a small mouse.

In our daily life we ​​meet people this statement apply to them a lot, and try hard not to be like these people, We try as much as possible to reduce speech and media bubbles, and go as far as possible to work real seriously, not seriously only apparent on the social networking, I'm Here I'm working and I feel tired In fact there is no minimum effort or work little.

So as not to fall into the trap resulted in the mountain the weak, who did not find only the mouse to get it out, you can accomplish a lot and talk a little, then it will change the motion, and will become the outcome of the mountain Vonjb mountain, or perhaps accomplished mountain chain giant, thus measured achievement and measured efforts.


We regret it!

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