Remove the fat nose

Remove the fat nose


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  • 3 The difference between the fat nose blackheads
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  • 5 Home Recipes to remove fat nose 5.1 peeled baking soda 5.2 peeled lemon juice and sugar 5.3 ginger apple vinegar 5.4 lemon juice 5.5 apple cider vinegar
  • 5.1 peeled baking soda
  • 5.2 peeled lemon juice and sugar
  • 5.3 ginger apple vinegar
  • 5.4 lemon juice
  • 5.5 apple cider vinegar
  • 6 tips and instructions to get rid of fat nose
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Fat nose

Suffer a lot of men and women of the problem of the nose fat, known as small accumulations of sebum or oils and skin cells dead, which is made up around the hair follicles, and take these fat-color white or yellow pale, is the accumulation of these fat is troublesome to many, and fortunately there are many treatments and natural mixtures that can be followed to get rid of this problem. [1]

Reasons to be fat nose

There are fat nose when all people, as produced by the sebaceous glands inside the skin until a natural moisturizer works and a natural barrier against the water, and varying degrees appearance of the nose when fat people; It depends on the type of skin dry Valepeshrh less than the appearance of the nose fat, while oily skin are suffering from increased fat and excess oils that make pores appear larger. [2]

The difference between the fat nose blackheads

Often confused with fat nose and black heads, both appear in the same areas of the face, especially around the nose and on the chin or forehead, [1] and the differences between them can be summarized as the following points: [3]

  • Growing: blackheads arise once or in isolated places from the nose or face, the nose fat arise in equal style and fatty parts of the skin, Kalonf, chin and brow and the forehead and cheeks.
  • Color and size: You can select blackheads easily because they are black in color and larger size, the fat nose are small and soft, may appear in gray when some people.
  • Texture: fat nose blackheads are different; They are soft to the touch, unlike the black heads that are usually rough and tough because they grow out of the pores.

Medical ways to remove fat nose

These are some of the ways that may be used by a doctor to remove the fat from the nose: [1]

  • Acid, salicylic therapy: a beta hydroxy acid that contains peeling properties of miraculous, and this acid is present in lotions and products that have been manufactured for the purpose of removing blackheads and acne skin, in addition to the skin treatment that produces a lot of oils and fats, and are advised to use this acid twice a week to remove the fat from the nose.
  • Creams or gels materials and features these creams effective in removing fat and blackheads from the nose, and often these creams of non-prescription, however, should consult a doctor to get the best results.
  • Antibiotics which are prescribed by a dermatologist, so when you aggravate the situation, as well as creams containing vitamin "A", such as clotrimazole, and tretinoin, and Tasarutin, all of them effective creams prescribed by the doctor to remove the fat from the nose.
  • Laser, which is one of the effective ways to remove the fat from the nose, so passing a beam of light heavy on the affected area to reduce the oil secretion in the skin, in addition to eliminating the bacteria that cause infection skin, and it should be noted that the nose fat may come back again after treatment procedure laser.
  • Use tweezers: to pull the nose or squeezing fat out and get rid of them, and care must be taken to do this when dermatologist and not your own.

Home Recipes to remove fat nose

Peeled baking soda

This sheller helps to get rid of excess oils, and baking soda characterized by its ability to kill bacteria in the nose thanks to the characteristics of anti-bacterial. [4]

Preparation and use: Mix ingredients together well to get a thick paste, then placed on the affected area and leave for a minute, then rinsed with water after.

Peeled lemon juice and sugar

Ingredients: a large spoon or two of sugar, a few drops of lemon juice, a little water.

Preparation and use method: powdered sugar into a fine powder, then add the water and lemon juice, and mix with each other well, and then the mixture is placed on the nose and rubbed it gently for 3-5 minutes, then wash the face with cold water and dry well. [4]

Ginger apple vinegar

Ginger is a material capable of slimming and cracking fat in all areas of the body, including the nose. [5]

Ingredients: equal amounts of grated ginger and vinegar apple, a little toothpaste.

Preparation and use: Mix ingredients together well, and then put the mixture on the entire nose, and leave for 15 minutes, then wash the nose with cold water, being careful not to approach the eye area.


The lemon juice from the effective treatments to remove the fat from the nose, Vhamad Citric existing juice works on the deep cleansing of the skin and pulls the dirt and oils from the pores of the nose, and this is done through the era of lemon extract the juice of them, then the juice is placed on the nose by using fingers and do circular movements. [4]

Apple cider vinegar

The acid alpha hydroxy found in apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of the dead layers of cells, in addition to cleaning the nose of the accumulated dirt and oils. [6]

Ingredients: little apple cider vinegar and water.

Preparation and use: Mix ingredients together well, then filled with a cotton swab in the solution and wipe out the nose and leave for 10 minutes, then wash with water, and repeat it daily for two weeks to get the best results.

Tips and instructions to get rid of fat nose

  • Care to do sessions clean the skin constantly. [3]
  • Use of toner continuously; It helps get rid of excess oils. [3]
  • Use clay masks It helps to get rid of Alzewan nose. [3]
  • Avoid fatty foods they affect the skin negatively. [3]
  • Follow the ways of lightening the skin to hide the fat from the nose. [3]
  • You must make sure that all the products that are used whether skin care, or make-up, or even hair care products written by non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic; Because the products that do not contain these phrases may lead to clogged pores and make the nose more visible fat and the appearance of pimples. [7]
  • It not over-wash or peeling skin, may cause irritation to the skin tissue, making the skin more susceptible to inflammation and bacterial growth and the emergence of pimples. [7]
  • Moisturizing the skin continuously, Valepeshrh hydrating softer and expel unwanted substances out naturally through the pores. [7]
  • Drink adequate amounts of water, which helps maintain healthy skin and the rate of cell turnover, which prevents the accumulation of dead cells. [7]
  • Eating appropriate amounts of fat health and fatty acids, found in many sources of complete food such as nuts, seeds, and leafy vegetables, dark, fish, it helps to improve skin and retain its moisture, it also helps to control secreting oils and prevent fatty glands from the secretion of excess oils about the need. [7]


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