Recipes man Virgo

Recipes man Virgo


  • 1 Virgo
  • 2 general qualities of man Virgo 2.1 IQ 2.2 hard-working 2.3 Ideal 2.4 Reserved 2.5 Halal problems 2.6 adventurer 2.7 collaborator 2.8 controlled 2.9 Sensitive
  • 2.1 IQ
  • 2.2 hard-working
  • 2.3 Ideal
  • 2.4 Reserved
  • 2.5 Halal problems
  • 2.6 adventurer
  • 2.7 collaborator
  • 2.8 controlled
  • 2.9 Sensitive
  • 3 man Virgo love
  • 4 man Virgo and work
  • 5 References


Born owners of Virgo in the period between 23 August to 22 September, belongs the Virgin to the earth element, and is ranked sixth in the circle of towers astronomical, and ruled by the planet Mercury, is strongly consistent with the twin towers of the whale, cancer, and lucky numbers are 5, 14, 15 , 23, 32, and is characterized by born Virgo is generally the process, and high capacity for things analysis that do not pay attention to others, plus they do not like to express themselves and expose themselves to the world at large, but prefer to keep by themselves for themselves and people close to the very of them, and enjoy born this the tower is very strong character, and they love to find justice and good in others, and if you do not find them, they shy away from people and prefer to stay with themselves. [1]

The general qualities of the Virgin of the man

Enjoy man Virgo many of the qualities that make him a very special man, and these qualities: [2] [3] [4]


Is characterized by a man Virgo high intelligence and sharp too, so he has the ability to arrange the world around him the way they feel that it suits him best and that mimic the organization of the very personality, in order to reach peace sought by the world around him, he does not accept to engage in making him the society affects significantly on the contrary, he makes his own world of people and things that make it relaxes significantly.


One of the most personalities diligent especially with regard to work, they have multiple skills and know how to employ them and put them in their proper place in their work, so often described as great diligence in their work environment, which qualifies them because Evtaathawwa a special act of their so as to how extraordinary their work.


The man of Virgo is one of the most people in search of the ideal, it seeks to always encountered in all the affairs of his life, whether at work or in relationships or anything else, it puts very high both standards for himself or to others around him, a what makes everything difficult for him, because it is expected to be the result of everything is doing a perfect and complete.


It is characterized as not influenced by the ideas of others completely, but he has his own thoughts conservative does not allow any one to influence them, because he is very confident of ideas and perceptions carried by and is considered as the best, and this is due to the high observation force that makes him think of all the things from all the different destinations means that his thinking very comprehensive, so his ideas are often correct in his opinion, in addition to his plans and schedules, are not to change for anyone, and if exposed to change, it will feel very concerned about it.

problem solver

Many of the tools has to think that makes him think very rationally, and has the ability to solve the problems facing it, which also face other very effectively, there is a problem it is difficult because of the exceptional method used to think about the things around him.


Likes to discover new things and places and therefore have a higher sense of adventure, and therefore likes to experience the exciting and extraordinary things, in addition to this, he likes to travel a lot and always have plans include travel around the world; This is because it is believed to be an important travel very human life, he adds his expertise can not be obtained in any other ways.


It is a man Virgo nice and helpful and compassionate by nature, so it always provides assistance to people around him, he likes to find people happy and live in peace and serenity as living is, so he resorts to create a comforting world of other people, and this is due to the idealistic outlook of life.


Loves a man of the Virgin to be the leader and the dominant and will not accept to be just an ordinary soldier, and likes to be ordered from anyone, and this is due to it always as significant to his views and methods that perform them things, so he does not see that no one else can dictate to him what to do he does not bear this sometimes considered a bit of humiliation. [5]


I do not like a man like the rest of the towers Virgo dirt that his sensitive and emotional shows, but in fact it has a high sensitivity; It is very affectionate and has a heart and a good thin, but this aspect appears only for people who deserve to be looked up to see him; Not all people are worthy of interest in his heart and good. [5]

Virgo man love

Man Virgo looking for the perfect girl in an exaggerated manner, and are attracted to girls who Ehtmmn Bmwaaidhn and not on a high resolution which, in addition to those organizations too in all life affairs, while not neglecting the external attractive appearance, it is considered that the external appearance is only a reflection of the inside which cares about every detail as it does is, and is a man of the Virgin in love with the younger girls are older and who display interest in learning from it, and because it is very conservative, it does not like that his feelings show publicly if they entered into a relationship, but likes to keep the relationship secret until the Koran public , and is not considered Romnsien men too, even moderate feelings. [3] [2]

Virgo man and work

Man Tower owns the Virgin spirit of positive and spirited and energy in his place of work, due to his thinking critic and flour as well as erotic character interesting, can this man to solve all the problems so the presence in the work is important, however, it may not really be passionate about the work done by ; However, it Seetmh the best always, so because he wants to give the best picture for himself. [2]


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