Recipes for quick weight loss

Recipes for quick weight loss


  • 1 weight loss
  • 2 recipes for quick weight loss 2.1 recipe chamomile and sage rapid slimming 2.2 ginger cream slimming fast
  • 2.1 recipe chamomile and sage rapid slimming
  • 2.2 ginger cream slimming fast

Lose weight

Arise some cases that need weight loss super fast without any delay, the only solution to achieve this and be away from business solutions and surgical operations using natural recipes for rapid Baltkhsais, with the need to pursue any type of physical activity that helps burn fat and lose weight fast maximum.

Recipes for quick weight loss

Recipe chamomile and sage rapid slimming

This recipe helps to kill the repeated desire to eat and supply a sense of fullness for as long as possible.

  • Add a spoonful of chamomile flowers, and another teaspoon of sage leaves into a medium-sized jug.
  • Fills a jug boiling hot water, leaving the light heat until it starts to boil.
  • Add a spoonful of rosemary to the boiling water and boil until leave with him for a few minutes, taking into account the dam hole pitcher well to trap volatile oils from these herbs inside the water.
  • Lifted the pitcher from the fire and placed in a safe place and far from the reach of young children for ten minutes maximum, then drain the water from the herbs that are with him.
  • Drink three cups of boiled herbs output on a daily basis, taking into account the Lord of the first cup immediately after waking up and before eating any kind of food, and the distribution of other Cubans throughout the day.
  • Prevents Thalit boiled herbs vegetable sugar or diet sugar or honey, so as to accelerate the process of slimming and the appearance of the results indicate that.

Ginger rapid slimming cream

It is considered one of the most effective recipes ginger cream and the ability to burn fat accumulated in the various folds of the body.

  • Add the amount of three tablespoons of ginger to spray cups of lukewarm water, then leaves the water over medium heat until it boils for a few minutes.
  • Raise the boiling water from the heat, and then filtered from the spray, who is with him ginger.
  • In addition to ginger boiled a few drops of orange blossom water, sweet almond oil, then stir until the water in which these ingredients are mixed.
  • Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the water boiled and moved with him until it blends.
  • Add the amount of a cup of any disarmament cream pedagogue to the water boiled gradually, while continuing stirring until it melts with decent water.
  • Rub ginger cream product on the areas to be allocated and burn fat Protein content in it.
  • Previous areas of damage to the male with a cloth or a plastic bag and leave it as well and night hours.
  • Remove the cloth cut or plastic bags for their places on the body, then the body cleans with lukewarm water and soap.


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