Recipes for lowering blood pressure

Recipes for lowering blood pressure


High blood pressure, or what is called the silent killer is a chronic medical condition where the blood pressure in the larger arteries can, where continuously increase its value in this case 149/90 mm Hg, which requires the heart of a greater effort than usual so that he can payment of blood in the blood vessels, and is accompanied by this case, many of the risks threatening a person's life because of an increased chance of cardiac arrest or stroke, and heart attack, and this is what makes a permanent patient anxiety, and fatigue, so we will give some natural recipes that lower blood pressure without resorting to Go to the doctor.

Recipes for lowering blood pressure

  • Apple: Eating a patient with high blood pressure apples frequently help him to resist high blood pressure because of his wealth of organic acids, but you must consider reducing the amount covered half of it if the patient is infected with high blood pressure diabetes.
  • Vinegar: mixed medium of any kind teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water, and drink a few sips within an hour.
  • Mustard: Eating four grains of mustard ground before eating food directly meal helps to prevent high blood pressure.
  • Emulsion broomrape (lion lentils): Take a teaspoon of minced broomrape, and put them in an empty cup, and pour boiling water on it and cover it for ten minutes, and drink this cup emulsion by once after breakfast and again after dinner immediately.
  • Nettle: Ngmr fifty grams of small nettle leaves fresh in a liter of water, and put them on high heat until the boil, then reduce heat, and let it continue to boil over low heat for five minutes, and then raise the boiling from the fire, and let it cool down for a quarter of an hour, and a half after that, and drink it several times a day by cup each time.
  • Lack of king: put two tablespoons of the herb lack of King in a pot with half a liter of water, and put the ingredients on the fire until the boil, then boiled in half, and drink half a cup of it before eating every meal.
  • Flowers linden: Ntahn two tablespoons of this herb, and put them in a bowl, and Ngmrha by two cups of boiling water, and we take this boiled in two cups a day, taking into account the number not more than that.
  • Cumin oil: add a teaspoon of cumin oil to a cup of any hot drink to drink a patient with high blood pressure.
  • Boiled olive leaf: put the amount of grip of chopped olive leaf in half a liter of water over low heat, and let it boil up, then we will submit for the fire so cool, and drink a glass of boiled after eating each meal directly.


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