Recipes football player

Recipes football player


  • 1 physical strength
  • 2 mental hardness
  • 3 multiplayer
  • 4 sportsmanship
  • 5 know the rules of the game
  • 6 intelligence and awareness of football
  • 7 possessing technical skills
  • 8 sense of passion towards the game
  • 9 References

Stronge fatness

Based football heavily on fitness and strength mast player; Where the player needs to make a great physical exertion throughout the game period; Which may last over a hundred and twenty minutes in the event of extended to extra time, and must be a strong player and has a physical ability at different levels, not only on the level of fitness that enables him to continue to play; Where the player needs to perform many physical movements that require physical strength; Kalagafz, and payment, and face other players, [1] include the player strength of physical Atsama agility, balance and speed, and is considered to own this is one of the important things that distinguish a player from another, especially in the advanced stages of his career. [2]

Mental hardness

Is the rigidity of mind and the ability to keep the player enjoying the capabilities of a net frame of mind of the important things that must be characterized by a football player, and the growing importance of this transfer of the player to play levels more professional, and there are many things that involve under the concept of rigidity of mind of the player; Kamtlake the incentive that makes him insist on access to advanced levels in this game, as the player must capacity has to accept criticism and respond to instructions and advice issued by the coach to him, in addition to possessing the ability to assume the responsibilities that received upon himself in this sport; Whether it's on the pitch or outside. [2]

Team play

The individual skills of football player is necessary and special for him; But it is not enough to make it a complete player, the difference you are looking for new players looking forward to the player recipes being able to work within a group smoothly and harmoniously without has to be a presence burden on that group that plays including, hence the importance of having the player and enjoined his ability to work within a team , can be developed like this through the practice of the game with the team and training on some of the strategies and tactics that enhance the understanding of people within the group, and other things that are recommended to promote teamwork is the practice of group members different outside the scope of the activities of the game to enhance their personal knowledge of each other; Such as going on trips for example. [3]

Sport spirit

It must be characterized by a football player sports spirit that enables it to work well within a team and a group that allows him to respect other players in other teams, and whatever the tension up to the size of some games; It is on the player should be able to control his temper in order to focus on the exercise of fair play, which is devoid of behaviors emotional and profanity, which is based on providing the best of the player, but the concept of fair play extends to provide player assistance to the players of the opposing team after committing any errors against them. [4]

Know the rules of the game

Must football player know the rules of the game and how to exercise accurately, it must be a player fully aware of the duration of the game, and the whereabouts of the players at the start of the game, in addition to knowing the penalty shootout and how laws kick seek properly, as well as to differentiate between kicks corner , and kicks the goal, and any other other laws in this sport, [5] it is not enough player to be aware of the laws and rules of the game only, but he must be aware of the nature of the players positions in football and how their deployment and they will make their sites and how to behave properly according to the course play According to the nature of the center occupied by the player. [6]

Intelligence and awareness of football

Must be characterized by a football player intelligent football and vision that will enable the course to understand the game completely and understand their tactics and different strategy, and is considered to own such a football IQ is not coming through daily exercises practiced by the player, but it is something to be gained through the accumulated player experience that It can be refined and increased by playing more games and by watching the games that offer different types of plans which are applied, [4] and includes the concept of intelligence spherical or what is known as conscious tactical player's ability to risk assessment and risk assessment as a result of decisions that may be taken, in addition to his ability to visualize and understand the positions and movements of players playing ball and other what might happen on the pitch. [2]

Possession of technical skills

Possession of the basic technical skills of the important things that must be owned by a football player, and these skills are different for the different perverseness site player on the pitch; For example, goalkeepers need different skills from those that must be mastered by any other player on the pitch, and the following shows some of the basic skills that must be mastered by the player in football: [7]

  • Scrolling: is one of the most important technical skills that must be enjoyed by the football player; As it is the way that can move the ball through the player properly to any of his team-mates.
  • Shuffle: This skill makes the player able to move the ball through the stadium and the match exceeded the players of the opposing team.
  • Payment: The skill of payment of the important skills that must be mastered by the football player; It is considered the main way to score goals in the game.
  • Goalkeepers: This skill is linked to one center of football players centers, a goalkeeper who is the last line of defense to prevent the entry of the ball in the net.

The feeling of passion towards the game

Is a sense of passion and love toward the football game of the important things that must be available in a football player who wants to reach professional; This love toward the game makes the player determined to move forward in this game and makes him able to overcome the challenges and obstacles that may stand in the way of success and leave all the negative and difficult moments behind him. [8]


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