Recipes Female Libra

Recipes Female Libra


  • 1 Libra
  • 2 recipes Female Libra 2.1 attractive and beautiful 2.2 smart 2.3 humanitarian 2.4 Leadership 2.5 positive 2.6 passionate about
  • 2.1 attractive and beautiful
  • 2.2 smart
  • 2.3 humanitarian
  • 2.4 Leadership
  • 2.5 positive
  • 2.6 passionate about
  • 3 Female Libra love
  • 4 Female Libra friendship
  • 5 defects Female Balance 5.1 Separation easily 5.2 hesitant 5.3 retaliatory
  • 5.1 Separation easily
  • 5.2 hesitant
  • 5.3 retaliatory
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Born owners of 23 September Libra to 23 October, and classifies aerodynamic elements, a seventh tower in the circle of towers astronomical, strongly corresponds to the twin towers of pregnancy, bow, and ruled by the planet Venus, and lucky numbers are: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24, and is characterized by born this generally tower diplomacy and their love of absolute justice, and they escolar very like to mingle with people, plus they love peace and carry it to the whole world, and seeking harmony between them and the people around them constantly, and really care about the partnership and obtaining the appropriate partner see themselves through. [1]

Female recipes Libra

Female Libra is characterized by many of the qualities that make them distinct from other females, and these qualities: [2]

attractive and beautiful

The most prominent characteristic of female balance is that they are very attractive, also considered one of the females who are born luck unique beauty that makes them some extraordinary, and is this natural beauty in them and the non-artificial, they are Eetmazn glitter makes others gravitate to them differently than others girls. [3]


Can handle with ease and generosity with others, it has a mind active always attracts others to it because of its intelligence, as well as they can devise excellent solutions to situations and problems around them, which makes them more capable of solving problems than others, possess female balance also high ability to negotiate win makes it different debates.


It has a high sense of justice, which makes a distinction between the right and Kti appropriately, they can correct things if I found the wrong image, which has within it a defense lawyer, which positioned to be active in the humanitarian field significantly.


Enjoy the high sense of leadership, and this is due to their ability to create and invent new ideas and implement them effectively, making them an excellent leader with the ability to manage things well.


Is one of the positive social and very personalities, which makes them popular and grainy in people around them, they always share them all the rituals and love going out with them and meet them, in addition to being always what you love to be surrounded by people talking with them to exchange, there is a female balance of personalities that prefer stay alone.

Passionate about

Has many goals that link to it at the end, they are female is passionate about what you do and always aspire to reach the best, and that they are always involved activities that qualify for major goals, plus it has a sense of high creativity, which makes them able to innovate new ideas and projects.

Female Libra love

Feel female Libra maximum tower happiness when it is associated with someone, but they prefer very special person suitable for the convenience complete, it is doing its best for the success of their relationship and keep it until the end, but with this, they do not like to be constrained in the relationship, which makes them move away from men very jealous, they need an area and its freedom, and accept the fact that the female partner is not ideal all the goodwill and understanding, even if they were not impressed with all lock of his qualities, but on the whole it is considered one of the finest lovers; So she likes to fall in love, it represents a very important concept. [4] [5]

Female Libra friendship

Female Libra loves spending time with her friends, and usually make small events fun and exciting because of its social and playful qualities, as well as keen on the feelings and comfort of her friends, even if they had to take a decision; They will not neglect its friends but will take their opinion into consideration, and always retain the female tower in good faith to her friends, she wishes them well in all honesty, and one of those most generous with them, and you love to share them everything, whether food, clothing or anything else, including including tips provided by them always, and is always estimated by because they know they are surrounded by people who are great and distinguished and believes that they are a wonderful opportunity for her, and this is what makes female Libra girlfriend wonderful and can not be compensated. [6]

Disadvantages Female Balance

There are some in the female balance of defects, but it must be noted that these defects may not be inherent to all girls of this tower, including: [7]

Separation easily

It is the female balance of the most tower female emotional as well as she likes to engage in a love relationship Tchaaraa happiness brilliant, but they can be separated easily from her partner without harm this much if you were not interested in him enough, they do not relate to her partner excessively, but on the contrary, it is not difficult for them to keep away from him if Badr what it does not like, and thus will make it easy to forget because it can dispense with this happiness they bring her relationship.


Is a female Libra of the most characters reluctant, they sometimes can not resolve its decision definitively final, due to her love of internal peace and comfort, what makes them think about things for several hours in order to reach the best possible decision to provide them with comfort sung, it has led this sometimes to better change decisions to a lower value decisions because of the frequency and constant thinking, which leads to waste some of the opportunities that are out.


Female Libra revenge badly may be, they like to enjoy full peace and always what keeps calm, but if someone Bagdabha they will seek various ways to take revenge from him and retrieve the right.


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