Recipes Capricorn man

Recipes Capricorn man


  • 1 recipes Capricorn
  • 2 recipes man Capricorn 2.1 qualities of Capricorn man in love 2.2 qualities of a man of Capricorn at home and with the family 2.3 Capricorn man, money and business 2.4 Capricorn man and attention to health, appearance 2.5 appropriate gifts for a man Capricorn
  • 2.1 qualities of Capricorn man in love
  • 2.2 qualities of a man of Capricorn at home and with the family
  • 2.3 Capricorn man, money and business
  • 2.4 Capricorn man and attention to health, appearance
  • 2.5 appropriate gifts for a man Capricorn
  • 3 Tips for a love affair with a man Capricorn
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Recipes Capricorn

Born 22 belongs December (Desimbr) to 19 January (January) to Capricorn, which mark the tenth in the astronomical year, it may have Mwalidh several common traits, such as: take responsibility, discipline, good management, process, and work diligently and efficiently, it may also have a common weak points, such as: the difficulty of tolerance, stubbornness, and pessimism, but the things he loves was born in Capricorn are numerous, including: family, art and music, and the things that many different hate, depending on the stage they are going through in their lives. [ 1] [2]

Recipes man Capricorn

Man is considered a serious devotee of a man in his work, as it Secretive a man when it comes to his private life and the principles and philosophy of life, as it kept for himself, while dealing with those close and trustworthy people has, it reveals printing good and possessed of a sense of humor, [2] can be Find out more about the general qualities that have characterized the men of Capricorn in the following:

Qualities of Capricorn man in love

He regulates the serious man of his life, as a man deep in more than his peers early, so be responsible for himself and his money, which gives him the physical ability to dating a woman who loves, and go out with her for a romantic dinner, but the woman who loves him carrying the long hours spent busy in his work , he is a lover of his career, the big priority in his life to his work, and to maintain a relationship of love with him, the women find what occupies his time during his preoccupation, and by maintaining the positive mood and cheerful during the sour temperament and willingness to endure the mood of this man Almtekr sometimes, making it wishes Delighting and compensating them by trying to provide everything required of it. [3]

Capricorn qualities of a man at home and with the family

Cares about a man Capricorn practical matters, even when it comes to home furnishings, Valothat should be practical, more than being comfortable, where he likes to buy his collection for a certain need and for a specific reason, and does not like changes big in his home, in addition he likes to collect collectibles rare , such as: books, artifacts, and Antiquity associated with the historical period of interest to, it is worth mentioning that he loves his home, and cares about, and if you do not have to move, it will live in it throughout his life, but for being a father, it is usually a parent firm, but he loves his children it also works hard to keep them safe and secure standard of living cream them. [3]

A man of Capricorn, finance and business

Be men investment from serious and realistic usually tower, so as to ensure his future plans retirement comfortable to him, he is from the people who are thinking about securing their future, he is someone skeptical investments that claim to large and rapid profit low risks, so it can be described as keen on his money, and usually investments guaranteed for him, but for his work and his career, the control of emotions, ambition, hard work of the qualities that characterized this man out, as it seeks to excel in his work, and each is focused on his work to the extent that could make him seem lukewarm in his treatment with his colleagues at work , although it is a friendly person, and in addition, it is characterized by financial negotiations, since no one can understand the expressions of his face rigid, which prevents the other party from understanding what he thinks. [4]

A man serious attention to health and outward appearance

It features a man Capricorn strong personality and attractive, and is one of the people who care about themselves, and they love healthy food and exercise, but for the outer appearance, it may be his style of conservative and practical clothes, but can not be taken away from the fashion, and the likes of colors, they are colors natural, such as green, brown, and can say that it does not buy expensive clothes, but it may buy a luxury watch, he is a man realistic and spend his money on unnecessary holdings, where he knows the value of things. [4]

Gifts appropriate for a man Capricorn

The desire to deal properly with a man of Capricorn impose respect for special occasions it has, and bring a gift to him, to be the gift process and logical, and can try to discover what like and makes him happy, then codified as a note, and bring it as a gift to him in its own events, and taking into account that would like high-quality leather products, distinctive books, historical collectibles Antiquity, as one of my favorite hobbies is to collect clocks and fixed in Antiquity vacation days he has. [3]

Tips for a love affair with a man Capricorn

Some see a man cool and quiet of Capricorn person tower, but on the contrary, in the inside man Zarif, too, has a sense of humor, and women can learn how to deal with him and get close to him by following several tips, including the following: [5]

  • Interest in professional life, he draws attention to him, as it seeks to excel and work hard.
  • Wear stylish clothes classic and feminine and high-end, glamorous clothes are not damaged look.
  • Show mental intelligence in front of him, smart humor, where he cares strongly thinking and culture more than the outer appearance and intelligence.
  • Dealing honestly with him to gain his confidence, as it does not deal openly with only trustworthy people.
  • Maintain the deal is clear and frank with him, this guy does not like twisting and turning, such as stir jealousy, or act aggressively, these things keep him out of the relationship.
  • Invited to dinner, or picnic with a quiet atmosphere relaxed and open will make, perhaps for him better than his call for a large ceremony.
  • Preserving the role of friendly to him, and his support in his ambitions, and praised what the qualities of good, especially if the relationship was not passed on to the stage of falling in love.
  • Trust in him, as it takes the love affair seriously, and remain faithful to a woman who chooses to be his partner.
  • Not taking Tamadath additional hours of work in a sign of lack of interest in the relationship, as he wants to perform his work perfectly, as he takes his work very seriously.
  • Speak directly to him about his words or his actions leading to the annoyance or sadness, as well as to speak frankly about the needs, without nervous, since he does not like drama in his life, and wants a stable life, and will will strive to please his partner.


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