Recipes born in the month of 5

Recipes born in the month of 5


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  • 2.1 features man Taurus
  • Personal 2.2 Bull man at work
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  • 3.1 Personal Female Taurus at work
  • 3.2 Personal female bull with friends Tower
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Taurus is an earthy tower, a planet moving in which Venus, and starts from the date of 21 April to the 21st of May, featuring live Taurus as impatient person, and he loves his work so much, and can be relied upon, and loves music great, but take it love to stir up trouble among the others at times, and his love to own things and people, and love in general romantic atmosphere, global brands, manual labor, cooking, eating fatty foods, but estranged from the sudden change in his life, and insecurity in the region that lives, and for the place you prefer to live where he likes rural areas and beautiful nature. [1]

Man Taurus

Is a man steady and loyal to the very Taurus, you may need to choose a partner for some time, but after the success of his mission does not mind that gave her most precious to be happy, and is expected to make every effort to do so, this except for extreme loyalty and the power structure of the physical, which makes him a father and a pair distinctive mostly, although these men are not always eager to express their feelings by saying, but they express their love for their actions, referred to as Ksenhm men like to control in general, and likes to feel that the husband and father Alhani, where he likes Mcharrth on all family decisions, this is apart from their love to share with regard to financial matters and want to control matters related to money, but it is possible to trust a man of Taurus; For its ability to control the budget wisely without extravagance or waste of. [2]

Features man Taurus

It is noteworthy that the man Taurus stubborn man, it may be temperament bad sometimes, and what little angry or nervous as, a special person initially shy, but it will open its doors and touring inside it at the right time, as the baby boomers Taurus love good food, Thus Providing a meal appetite is a good thing, and they deserve people in confidence, it can be relied upon in difficult situations, often people tend to be attentive and witty, and show interest in him. [3]

Personal bull man at work

The man of Taurus is the right man for many tasks, due to the creative ability and renewable in pursuing new private life, and is characterized by Bnzerth things from many angles not from one angle, and it is a person open, logical and rational, and tends to work in several areas, such as: engineering, music, various cinematographic works such as acting and directing, always seeks to Hakiq physical and emotional stability, dedicated in his work, especially if the passion for him and conversant with all the details, usually is a known person due to the social character that likes to identify other cultures and habits, so usually what is a person known in his field of work, except for this love to lend a helping hand to others, without charge than in obtaining their love and respect, it can be love to hear praise from them. [2]

Female recipes Taurus

It can be said that the female Taurus is the empress of love, they are completely living this truth, and love naturally beautiful things in life, it is the love of beauty and Mahsusat, and enjoys great dignity and wisdom of the phenomenon, a woman carries within it warm feelings, so you win the love of meted out, and Otcef strong intention, and self-reliance, grandfather and perseverance too, and if she wanted something they are able to get it at all costs it also has the ability to balance between hard work and ethics and the qualities of good focus along with their sense of fun and relaxation, a stable and confident personality. [4 ]

Personal Female Taurus at work

Featuring Female Taurus Taurus ability of high skill in business management, organization and arrangement so as attachment to things different and duties of the work, making it a personal successful and able to take over a lot of different tasks, they love fighting different experiences, which makes them able to gain different experiences in many areas, this apart from fighting different Altejrab within the scope of work, this is referred to as the female Taurus is characterized by large ability to work under pressure, and it can be relied upon to operate various duties, where he will try hard while not disappoint others in them. [4]

Personal female bull with friends Tower

Enjoy Female Taurus was confidently and its ability to attract friends around them, due to their ability to deal with things spontaneously and simply, and some fun, though they prefer to have the number of friends is limited in general, referred to her love while offering to those who are around any something they want, no matter what cost her so whether material things or spirits, as you would like others to help and meet their needs, which is usually the first to appear to offer a helping hand to others, especially if that person occupies a prominent place then, and the things that draws attention to friends is Who owns the desires of similar, and share a lot of common factors of everyday life, and this exceeds that tend to be shared by the same desire, and has a sense of humor. [4]

Defects born in Taurus

Defects that may appear on the live bull love for the emergence tower, and the sense that the world revolves around him, which may make them non stayed in the deal, and ignore the emotions of others towards them, can also be someone special lazy when asked to do something that does not like him, and sometimes tends While a physically only person, so I do not care about feelings, and in some cases may be someone Giora to a large extent may disturb the other party, and upset does not raise Ataha anything whatever, and lasting discontent around them, and is this trait one of the main negative qualities in born bull, and sometimes may reach him while it refuses to be a personal explanation spending so save money and not Asrafh but limit may exceed to become miserly. [5]


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