Recipes born in the month of 2

Recipes born in the month of 2


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  • 2 recipes born Aquarius
  • 3 recipes born in Pisces
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February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, which is the only month in which the number of days 28 days or 29 days in a leap year, and rely on the towers rankings, the month of February is divided into two parts, the first section runs from the first of February until the eighteenth of February persons born followed in this period to Aquarius, which is governed by the planet Uranus, and extends the second section of the eighteenth of February, and until the last day of the month, whether it was twenty-eight days in the normal position or twenty-nine in the leap year, and follows the whale, which is governed by the planet Neptune Tower. [1].

Aquarius born recipes

Is characterized by Aquarians many of the qualities and traits that make up their personality that distinguish them from others, and these qualities as follows: [2].

  • Liberation and independence: is believed to be born in this tower have an independent and liberal open mind, and make their own decisions and may be decisions bold often, but they do not hesitate to take, and do not feel remorse or regret those decisions, even if they were not in place, and do not mind to hear other points of view and the different, but they want by making their views with all the strength, determination and stability and fiercely defending the issues and principles in which they believe.
  • Do not know how to lie: usually characterized by baby boomers tower full truth in different circumstances and situations, and do not have the ability to lie, even if jokingly, they quickly revealed deceived, so when they find themselves in situations they may face through which to embarrass or offer other embarrassment in the case telling the truth without a lie, they prefer silence to lie.
  • Will Power: The will of the strong and their resolve is the main reason for the achievement of their goals and their success, they are fighting until the last breath and doing all their efforts in order to reach what they want, even in the event of exposure to failure and failure, they come back trying until they succeed.
  • Creativity: trying to find new ways and innovative to carry out the tasks, and are characterized by curiosity and the desire and interest in discovering all that is new, and find them not afford to stay in a traditional and routine function, so you may find many of them difficult to cope with specific tasks and function can not unleash their creativity and imagination in it.
  • Frankness: people born in February frank too, is not afraid to tell the truth in all circumstances and in different situations, and create them as such some problems with others, but they do not care about the fact that they are right, and consider that the complete openness of the most important principles and foundations for building strong relationships genuine and honest away from hypocrisy and hypocrisy, with their awareness of the need to ensure that their words do not hurt the feelings of others.
  • Learning speed: is believed to be born Aquarius people who learn quickly, since he does not need only be aware of it and understand it well at the beginning and then you will be able to mastery very quickly, and this kind of people favored by managers at work, where he can be relied upon during a short period of assuming their duties.
  • Analysis: believes that Aquarius lot of thinking and analysis, where almost no position passes in front of him only analyzed in detail, analyzes the reasons, motives, events, results, and drown in meditation and research, so you may find him absent-minded in many cases. [3].

Recipes born in Pisces

There are many qualities that are believed to distinguish Pisces from other towers and help to understand the most important of his personality: - [4].

  • Calm: Pisces tends to calm and silence often, he does not want to speak only when needed, and avoids the initiative to start a discussion with one avoids debate and long debate, some may think that he is suffering from personal weakness and lack of self-confidence, but on the contrary , it is a strong character and high self-confidence.
  • Creativity is believed to be born in Pisces have a different look of things, and are characterized by high Bdhugahm, and their views that differ from the look of ordinary people, they look at the world a deep look and they have their own vision, and they love creativity and art, so you may find a lot of painters and musicians born in Pisces.
  • Frequency: born in Pisces may suffer hesitation in making their decisions and their inability to resolve matters, due to the excessive amounts of thinking in all aspects, and thinking effects before making a decision, whatever it simple, but they are afraid to catch their decisions damage to one what.
  • The vineyard is believed that Pisces tends to be generous and very generous, and his nature that he loves sharing his close associates interesting moments do not hesitate to give gifts and assistance to them in case of need.
  • Adaptable: believed to be born in Pisces possess qualities make their personality adaptable to different types of personalities, as they are able to adapt to people quickly complete and smoothly and without any embarrassment or difficulties human may face when it is mixed with one different from, they are looking for commonalities between the parties and overlook the points of difference.
  • Reading others: Pisces often can read the intentions of the person who matched, and often be read and his sound of things in place, and if he sensed the presence of danger or bad faith it takes all reserves and remains cautious in its dealings.
  • Empathy: is believed to be born in Pisces are sympathetic with others too, and they can not ignore one think that he needs help, as soon as they hear that one is subjected to certain crisis or faced a problem they sympathize with him immediately, and try to help him with all what they have, and feel that those the problem affects them directly and lingering feelings of sadness and desire to help. [5]
  • Wisdom: Pisces is believed to be from the towers that are characterized by wisdom, as the baby boomers Pisces make their decisions with great wisdom and look at things as if they have the wisdom of people lived hundreds of years in this world. [6].


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