Recipes born in the month of 12

Recipes born in the month of 12


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  • 2 recipes Sagittarius 2.1 qualities Sagittarius in love 2.2 Sagittarius and friendship
  • 2.1 qualities Sagittarius in love
  • 2.2 Sagittarius and friendship
  • 3 recipes Capricorn 3.1 qualities of Capricorn in love 3.2 Capricorn and friendship
  • 3.1 qualities of Capricorn in love
  • 3.2 Capricorn and friendship
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Born in the month of 12

It is the twelfth and last month in the calendar year, and the number of days 31 days and called December or December is derived from "deca" means number ten, which is arranged when the Romans [1], and be born this month, was born in the twin towers of Sagittarius and Capricorn, where is located Sagittarius between November 23 tower to December 21, the Capricorn between 22 December to January 20 and perhaps characterized Mwalidh honesty, clarity, and candor, and enjoy the character of fun and social, and they have a lightness under large, and are characterized by lively activity, curiosity and knowledge. [2]

Sagittarius recipes

Is the arc of the towers firearms affected by Jupiter Tower, has been characterized by this tower, born a lot of qualities, and these qualities as follows: [3]

  • Karim is keen on money: Sagittarius is characterized by excess Kram natural limit, and his love of extravagance and waste, it is self-cream gives what he has without plus keen on what has.
  • Friendly and light shade is characterized by Sagittarius born as a human lover, and his passion glowing, it is one of the most people in the paper dealing with others.
  • Ideal: is born Sagittarius of the most people in search of the ideal to reach them, preferably always to be on the top of the pyramid, so he often leads his work professionally in order to reach him on the highest stage of perfection.
  • Bold: Born this tower bold and loves innovation and adventure, and has a love of exploration is not afraid to risk.
  • Very explicit: born Sagittarius is characterized by excessive frankness, he speaks the truth even if it is painful for some.
  • Acute Intelligence: Arch features a smart tower owners, agility, and strength of observation, strong intuition. [4]
  • Sincere in his words and deeds is characterized by Sagittarius honesty, and the honesty of those who expected around him, he does not like lying and does not like people who follow devious methods and sincere. [4]
  • Few Patience: Sagittarius is born as little patience, and wants to implement all what he wants him immediately and without waiting. [4]
  • Most Active: a character born Sagittarius vitality and love of activity and movement. [5]
  • Trustworthy: This is characterized by the owner of the tower as a trustworthy and reliable, as it bears the responsibility and be when others trust him. [5]
  • Lover of freedom: The owners of this tower loves independence, freedom and travel around the world and learn about other cultures, and do not like to be restrained small details because they love freedom. [6]

Recipes Sagittarius in love

Is Sagittarius is the passion and devotion tower, as it is characterized by baby boomers tower feelings Mtoukdh glowing and tenderness surplus, and a lot of kindness and tenderness, also characterized by his honesty and purity of his heart and his love of pure, Vhabh rare closer to the ideal, if it falls in love preserves his partner for life, trying to make him happy in various ways. [7]

Sagittarius and Friendship Tower

Is believed to be born Sagittarius has a social character, always surrounded by friends, and that because of the nature of his character near the heart and humor, he is a friend optimistic, honest and vital everyone wants in his life, especially when you need to optimistic person has a positive view of life; Understanding Aajabion, and fans, and good people, and they do anything to delight their friends without any charge, and do not interfere in the affairs of others, and do not hold a grudge in their hearts to one, as they are loyal to their friends. [8]

Recipes Capricorn

Capricorn is the tower of the tenth astronomical towers, a dirt tower, it believed to be born in this tower have many common traits, including the following: [9]

  • Disciplined: Capricorn is born of the most disciplined people and the ability to self-control; Because they have a high sense of responsibility, and aspire to reach high ranks.
  • Self-control: it believes that the advantages of a personal Capricorn they have enormous power on Panevaalathm control, the time of their desire to do so.
  • Ambitious and hard-working: Maybe characterized by baby boomers tower is generally ambitious, he likes to complete his work in the best possible image, in addition to the best expectation of always the same, so it continues to progress in his social life and professional in order to attain the highest levels. [10]
  • Savior: The sincerity and the fulfillment of the most important characteristic of baby boomers Capricorn, as it stagger a lot before you start any relationship, so it enjoys a high degree of loyalty and commitment. [10]
  • Practical: believes that Capricorn is making a great effort to work, he is a man hard lover of his work and sincere in his performance, and manages its business wisely, and the planning and study well the project before starting it, and is one of the people who are difficult to read them, and seen a serious look for the future, it seeks continuously to secure his future. [10]
  • Punctuality :: believes that Capricorn also features personal punctuality and strong commitment at the time. [11]

Recipes Capricorn in love

Is believed to gain the attention of baby boomers tower is not easy, it is characterized by idealism, rationality, humility and cruelty sometimes, it's hard to tower born this falls in love, he needs a long time so make sure his emotions, as they take their responsibilities very seriously, and they love expression for their affection through actions rather than words, and they Ktomon in matters relating to emotional in their lives, and they need several years to talk about the actual emotional problems, and are characterized by romantic mood and calm in the volatile personalities. [12]

Capricorn Friendship Tower

Enjoy born Capricorn social life, understanding of people can trust them, making them surrounded always friends loyal, who binds them to their friendship characteristic is based on loyalty and trust and balance, he is a friend is perfect, and friendly, and loyal, always keen to support his friend in all positions of his life, and to help others achieve their dreams, and overcome their problems and concerns, as they do not like to be surrounded by people asking a lot of curious questions, is born in this strict tower in his life and does not like that one knows his privacy. [13]


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