Recipes born in the month of 10

Recipes born in the month of 10


  • 1 month of October
  • 2 Libra
  • 3 Personal Libra
  • 4 Libra love
  • 5 Balance with friends and family
  • 6 Balance, function and money
  • 7 Libra man
  • 8 Scorpio
  • 9 Scorpio love
  • 10 Scorpio, function and money
  • 11 Scorpio woman
  • 12 References


Combines the month of October between the two towers, astronomers, is found in the beginning Libra, which starts from the date of 9/23 - 11/22, Tower Scorpio, which starts from 11/23 - 12/21, The Libra is the owner of the month of October; It occupies three weeks of this month, but will be in this article illustrate the characteristics of each of Libra and Scorpio, due to their involvement in the same month. [1]


Libra element is air, symbol is the balance, and the owners of this tower like pink, green color, as they are people with a positive, and the Chinese symbol for this tower is a dog, and ranked seventh among the towers, the most important planet it is the planet Venus, and corresponds frequently with tower Sagittarius and Aries, and favorite things to the owners of this tower are: harmony, kindness, and to share with others outdoors, and what they hate most is: violence, injustice, and scream, and speakers, and does not like to compare him people in one, but with respect to the strengths of the owners this understanding of the tower collaborators, diplomats, and predominantly the character of generosity and fair, as they are social workers, and their points is that they are not critical to their affairs, and avoid confrontations, and hold grudges in themselves, and arrogant. [2]

Personal Libra

Favorite motto is the balance, it is in his personality is able to agree to work and harmony between all aspects of life, which is inherently peaceful and achieve justice, and hates presence alone, and considers human relations of the most important things for him, especially if they personally, people are attracted to the nearby heart of his personality , and his style is nice and upscale in dialogue with them, and therefore will always be the people will not be an unlucky sign and never alone. [2]

Libra love

When Libra owners begins in a relationship becomes to maintain peace and harmony the most important thing is their goal basic, the charming personality and dedication in every relationship make their agreement with others satisfactory, and the balance is the marriage sign, which makes their lives open to traditional paths of love even though the element air gives them a lot of flexibility, but they will continue to feel the strong trend towards tradition and will eventually turn their desires to love and put them on a good paper organization. [3]

Libra with friends and family

Representatives of Libra escolar very put their friends in the spotlight, and choose to make friends make them feel superior to the person who stands in front of them, and they can communicate and calm through any problem if they so wish, and will help others often on the other side understanding of personal their struggles and their problems with others and in the constant search for harmony these individuals tend to agree with their parents and siblings just to avoid being the conflict of people who fall back when the challenge comes, they also need to take care of their personality and often resort to only isolation, to discover their own view among many. [3]

Balance function and money

The key to a happy life for the balance is the balance, which means that they will not commit themselves to work without allocating sufficient time for their own lives and their loved ones, and can be unpopular leaders, even though they lack sometimes to the initiative necessary to organize the people who work for them, and they will work hard for entitlement to the privileges that come on their way, but in the search for truth and justice, they are good lawyers and judges and can also be successful diplomats, designers, composers if sponsored the technical side of childhood, as well as they work well in a group and can be speakers hooded and talented, and often the financial side of the life of Libra owners under control, they weigh between saving and spending is well and although they enjoy fashion and high-end clothing, but they rarely claim their desires in spending impair their best. [3]

Libra man

Men Libra appreciate all that is beautiful and are looking for a partner inspired by their appearance, this seems superficial, but the fact is that they need to stimuli mental and visual to facilitate decision-making processes and push them into a serious relationship to begin with, and just decide to be with someone, they usually make links strong and long-term, and they know that they may already have chosen the perfect choice to start with, and the man Libra loves to discuss everything with his partner. [4]


Scorpio is a water element, and the owners of this tower like the color crimson, red color, as they are people with stability, rationality, and the Chinese symbol for this tower is a pig, and is influenced by the planet Mars, the planet Pluto, and corresponds frequently with Taurus, Tower cancer, stone luck its is Uppal, as attachment to luck are: 22.18, 8, 11 and the owners of this tower favorite things are: the truth, the facts, old friends, and what they hate most is: breach of trust, numbers revealed secrets, people passive, as respect to the strengths of the owners of this tower understand the trick brave, and emotional and stubborn, and real friends, and their points is that they nihilistic trust, Gerwin. [5]

Scorpio love

The Scorpio of the most towers sensitivity, it is very excited in love as he wants smart partners and honest, and just that Scorpio falls in love, it dedicates his life to him as it is in a very, though, when they enter into a relationship they enter very carefully; Because they sometimes need a lot of time to build trust and respect for the partner. [6]

Scorpio, function and money

Owners of Scorpio from the creative people who have the ability to manage and find solutions, when determined Scorpio target there will be no compromise with him never to be achieved, it also fluent in tasks that require a scientific and comprehensive approach to a solution, but on their ability to focus with determination, this makes them managers capable of very , and good qualities in the work they do not Akhtaiwnh with friendship, plus it can be fluent in the work as a scientist, doctor, researcher, sailor, policeman, and business manager, and a psychologist, and laboratory. [6]

Scorpio woman

Requires win the love of a woman Scorpio a lot of time and patience, but once they occur in love they will give everything to the relationship, and the woman can be born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio proprietary and quite sincere, and person must be frank with them and avoid getting into an argument; Because it is not of the kind to forgive and forget easily. [7]


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