Recipes born 1 month

Recipes born 1 month


  • 1 recipes born 1 month
  • 2 recipes born in Capricorn 2.1 The female qualities of Capricorn 2.2 qualities of a man of Capricorn
  • 2.1 The female qualities of Capricorn
  • 2.2 qualities of a man of Capricorn
  • 3 recipes born Aquarius 3.1 The female qualities of Aquarius 3.2 qualities of the man of Aquarius
  • 3.1 The female qualities of Aquarius
  • 3.2 qualities of the man of Aquarius
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Recipes born 1 month

Called one month in January's name or the month of January, the first month of the year and includes two towers Capricorn, which begins its term from 22 December to 19 January, and Aquarius, which begins his term 20 January to 18 February and of course both towers holds some positive attributes and negative. [1]

Capricorn recipes born

It believed to be born in Capricorn have high capacity to think about the logic and rational and dealing with things difficult they face in their realism, and when they determine their goals whether at level professional or personal, they often can achieve them firmly without fear or hesitation, so described that they have a tremendous amount of power that will enable them to prosper and feel secure in this world, and of the wonderful traits of their ability to cope with difficulties and their application in the process of life. [2]

The female qualities of Capricorn

As for female born Capricorn believes that it is characterized by a lot of success in terms of her personal life inside the home, professional work, as they achieve their objectives with all the stability, because they are moving towards their goals and ambitions until you reach the finish line already, also it believes that the female Capricorn shall enjoy fun fun with those close to her heart, as they tend to learn and develop self, and she knows how to keep themselves as reliable because they are patient and can take responsibility, but some people may find it difficult to understand and need a lot of effort so that they are well gain confidence and express their feelings; Because they do not know how to express what is inside of the feelings in spite of her passion and her part romantic, also believed to be characterized by gravity, calm and strong femininity, and is confident, and she loves her family so they are fit to be a mother and a great wife beside being a working woman, the slogan is (I'm working so I mastered). [3]

Qualities of the man of Capricorn

When talking about a serious man sees that he enjoys his love to work, and perhaps his brain does not stop thinking throughout the day, where designers keep anything thinking about, and can not give it up, but on the contrary, remains adamant and following up the order even achieve up to him; Because for him, not just achievement, he believes that it is also characterized by ambitious as it can reach the pinnacle of achievement and the achievement of goals so he will not accept less than the first centers when it comes to success, and of course he can achieve things great at any time and any place, and it can be said that a modest and shy with new people, and has the courage and high ambition and a sense of responsibility but with caution and vigilance, but sometimes it is affectionate, and is believed to be more thought to the goals and aspirations of women who share this tower, as it is more in order to achieve the goals. [4]

Aquarius born recipes

It believed to be born in Aquarius enjoy the mentality of the notebook and love to help and repair all that is around them, but they love isolation and loneliness, as seen as passionate and very like teamwork and participation, and call for equality, but also like many of the towers there are some negatives that is characterized by the baby boomers tower were known for their stubbornness, but they are very Guenoon ideas and principles, and born Aquarius loves the power and strength so looking for time for reflection and planning. [5]

There are also many of the qualities of Aquarius, including the following: [6]

  • Enjoy the owners of smart, spontaneous and independent Aquarius, they are also adept at hiding their true feelings, as has Aquarius strengths such as creativity and humanity, a lusty, loves freedom and open to others, as he has weak points such as rush, and do things that are unpredictable, it does not restriction loves, and loves the speed and the expression of freedom.
  • Where Aquarius is characterized by an open mind tower openness, it is not judged on the cover of its title, as it thinks unique and different from the others in a way.
  • Humanity as Aquarius is one of the most towers and human kindness and good, as he enjoys with the help of others and their service.
  • Aquarius is characterized by its ability to innovate because of his intellect, and that is why its development in various fields.
  • Aquarius is a charismatic enthusiastic owner of a free spirit that can not be restricted.
  • Aquarius uses his mind, so it is a genius and my mind, it can astound around him rebellious ideas, and has a large force to defend his views.
  • Aquarius is one of the most towers edgy, it is often the matters are beyond the border in grief and anger or even his depression, and can be even more than the imagination of happiness and rejoicing can not limit him.
  • Stubbornness it is often difficult to change his mind and decisions, he is a stubborn person who adheres to his opinion.

The female qualities of Aquarius

It believed that the female was born in Aquarius may enjoy the character of childishness, was characterized by innocence, where he can not hate or hatred often, as they deal spontaneously with around them, which may cause her some disappointments sometimes, as is believed to be like dealing with people the quiet this is because of her love for the atmosphere of quiet, they do not like the high voice, but trying to convince to them calmly, without tension or nervousness. [7]

Qualities of the man of Aquarius

When talking about the man born Aquarius believes that he has a social character too, he likes to participate in various events and meet new people continuously, despite the seeming cold person devoid of emotions at first glance, but in fact it is characterized by emotion and sincere feelings for those who are around him. [8]


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