Recipes all towers

Recipes all towers

Towers and types

Science towers stand-alone science, and the number of towers twelve towers, divided into four groups, and each group are similar to the characteristics of general common among these groups are:

  • Dirt towers, namely: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
  • Water towers, namely: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.
  • Fireworks towers, namely: pregnancy, lion, and bow.
  • Wind towers, namely: Gemini and Libra, and Aquarius.

Recipes born towers

  • Aries: a live tower charismatic independence not shared by one in decision-making, high self-confidence, loves movement and has a Mtoukdh passion, patience little quickly running out, and strongly excited because it is a live edition and firewall does not control Panevaalath, if subjected to insult or abuse come out of it a person Last fierce, loves adventure and run experiments, tends to color fireworks, especially red color and its derivatives, and more towers compatible with Aries: Leo and Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.
  • Taurus: earthy with a strong personality stubborn tower, the owners of this tower tower are characterized Ptlqaiathm and Afoathm and hard-working in order to achieve their goals that aspire to, but they covetous own and tend to authoritarianism and extreme stubbornness, and born bull wise, the other loves and Aatherhm himself, seeks stability and renewal and out of the stereotype of his life, he likes to change and regeneration, is compatible born Taurus dramatically with born Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces.
  • Gemini: antenna tower checkered, moods are printing mostly born in the tower, likes formation relationships and friendships and is characterized by tactfully and Houdurkber, a born social nature, although his duplicity often and enjoy guile and cunning, and most often appears as a personality tense length of time, the intelligent and the owner of multiple talents and his mind Torrid is consistent with the balance, pregnancy, and bow, and the lion.
  • Cancer: Tower water-tower, characterized as very temperamental not like anything easily a nice personal treat others great and ready gently to sacrifice anything for the stability of his home and loved them, and Aattabrosarth is the thing the supreme and most importantly at the top of the priorities of his life, in line with the Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn and the bull.
  • Leo: fiery tower, very optimistic and on the verge of life and is known Bdhugah high and his style upscale and creates to be a leader because of its will power and planning a high and accurate, but sometimes tends love control and tyranny in dealing with others, and is compatible with the baby boomers following constellations Sagittarius, pregnancy, and Aquarius.
  • Virgo: earthy tower, featuring intelligent high-born virgin and the ability to analysis and at the same time is not seduced by the lights and fame, modest in his dealings with others and seems shy and introverted, but practical and hard-working and criticize too much; Because of idealism it seeks at all, and is compatible with the following towers: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio.
  • Libra: antenna tower, known Bdoblomaseth and His romance excessive, and Librans tend to be pacifists do not like to go into bickering and quarrels, it is very easy to lead them sometimes tend to naivete and introverted and affected quickly and most match with the following constellations: Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius.
  • Scorpio: a water tower, a strong determination, very passionate, has a strong intuition about the future, and Scorpio character witch attracts all around him, which is keeping secrets, is characterized as stubborn and loving have sometimes, and Scorpio tends to art and creativity remarkably corresponds largely with The following towers: Pisces, Cancer and Taurus.
  • Sagittarius: Tower firearm, optimistic in the printing tower, loves the fun and spirit of beautiful and enjoy the intelligence, integrity and deep philosophy, but excessive optimism signed by the disappointments of many, which is tactless in general in dealing with others and personal concern and sometimes superficial, and corresponds largely with the following towers: Aries, Leo, Gemini.
  • Capricorn: earthy tower, is characterized as practical, rational and ambitious personality, likes very work, a patient, orderly and soul tend to be cheerful, although he had some reservations, and knows about born Capricorn he is pessimistic and sullen and angry on his life that was not achieved what he wants them, and they broke tradition because it sticking out well and in line with the twin towers of the bull, and the Virgin.
  • Aquarius: antenna tower, known his humanity, and his sincerity and loyalty, and acute intelligence, and independence, and seeks to do good in the surroundings, do not be tempted to never passion is a person who is passionate and his actions and his reactions unexpected, a personal eccentric and is compatible with the following: Gemini towers, and the balance, and pregnancy.
  • Pisces: a water tower, known envision a very broad and excessive sensitivity, and live Yalihut object cute, does not like to own property and his intuition springy and deal with other great affection, but his will the weak makes him someone manageable, and the excess of his idealism makes him run away from reality to fantasy, and consistent Pisces born with cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


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