Recipes 7 months

Recipes 7 months


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  • 5 qualities of a child born in July
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  • 6.1 About recipes Cancer
  • 6.2 About recipes Lion Tower
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Born in the month of 7

July is known in ancient times as the Quintelez (in English: Quintilis) Latin, which is the fifth month in the Roman calendar old, but relative to Julius Caesar named in the Gregorian calendar was changed to July, which is the seventh month (Gregorian), consisting of 31 days, which is warmer months of the year in the northern hemisphere, and Obrdha in the southern hemisphere, the flower month of July is the water lily, while lap Karim is a sapphire, and meet the two towers of the towers, the two towers of cancer and the lion, as born July 1 to 22 were born in Cancer, who knows about them that they are emotional, but born after July 22 to 31, they are from Leo, who knows Mwalidh leadership Bchksathm. [1] [2]

General qualities born 7 months

Each person is different in its qualities from the other, but there may be some general traits common among born the same month, and attributes common to multiple born in July, including the following: [3]

  • Optimism: born this month is characterized by positive in all situations, where it is seen half of the cup is full, it also has a sense of humor, especially with those close to him, it is worth mentioning that a sense of humor receives the admiration of many around him.
  • Gravity: Owning a taste of luxury in food and music, as well as the ability to find beauty and happiness in the smallest things, make a personal born in July is very attractive, as well as what is characterized by its style in the selection of clothing, elegance, enjoyed by, making it highlights from among the people, without making an effort to raise their admiration.
  • Generosity: love to help others, and to deal with them the sympathy and generosity, as well as quiet printing, which makes people want authenticates born in July, it is a good friend.
  • Passion: unwavering stability of the born July when they feel sad, as his character sensitive, given the strength of the emotions he has, it is not easy for him to overcome the wounded feelings.
  • Focus power: Born July known as its focus on hard work, which focused on the access to the ambition, as well as to focus on the family and people close to him.
  • Pride in loved ones: life immersed emotions born in July, which makes it cares about all things related to love and feelings, and more things that mean a lot to him and cherished, is his family.
  • Self-control: controls born in July since an early age his feelings, as he did not leave himself to the wrath, but has the skill to control his behavior and feelings related.
  • Management talent: has born in July administrative skill, which qualify him to be a manager, or to take over the leadership position, especially as it is characterized by self-reliance, and the strength of will, and work ethic, making it a role model for people around him, especially when it comes to performing tasks, and business.

Qualities of a man born in the month of July

There are several recipes General may combine born in July of the men, including the following: [4]

  • Facial expressions seriously.
  • Quiet and introverted.
  • Great attention to the family.
  • Love art and paintings.
  • Careful to spend money.
  • Volatile mood.
  • Respect for the great love of the mother.
  • Dexterity in the shortcut and brevity.
  • Trust him so those closest.
  • Some of concealment matters relating to his private life.
  • Not to fall in love easily.
  • The amount of anger equivalent to the amount of joy he has.
  • Heart good and sensitive, although others believe that the fossilized heart.
  • The need to love, but it is not requested.
  • Love of isolation when feeling sad, or distress, or injured feelings.
  • Romantic too sometimes, and lukewarm feelings in other times.
  • Deep thinking about the future, and to ensure savings for him.
  • Non-disclosure of his desire to give his attention and care for him.
  • Intense fear of injuring his feelings.
  • The difficulty of forgetting things harmful to him.

Qualities of women born in the month of July

Several recipes exist common in women born in the month of July, including the following: [5]

  • Shy.
  • Noble.
  • Eager to spend money.
  • Skilled cook.
  • Mentality is open when it comes to criticism.
  • Very temperamental.
  • Tolerance with difficulty.
  • Sharp printing.
  • Creative.
  • Hoarded ingenious.
  • Love antiques collectibles and all Antiquity.
  • Falling in love makes them feminine, delicate, luscious.
  • Very secretive.

Qualities of a child born in July

It believes that there are many common traits among children born in the month of July, including the following: [6]

  • High-energy, continuous movement.
  • Many friendships.
  • Loved by others.
  • Trustworthy.
  • Tactless in his actions.
  • Love of solitude, and spending time alone, despite being social.
  • Skill in the performance of the talks.
  • Enjoy a sense of humor.
  • Love red tape, lack of desire to change.
  • Stubbornness, when it comes to his point of view.
  • Love to help.
  • Accuracy, planning, and love to follow the instructions and laws strictly.
  • Stress and stress negatively affects behavior.
  • Ease of forgiveness, and the difficulty of forgetting.
  • fast learning.

Cancer and the Lion Tower

Molid month of July from either cancer tower, or the lion, so some personal qualities may vary have, [6] Knowing About the qualities of each tower through the following:

About recipes Cancer

Lies the strengths born Cancer water in perseverance, creativity, sincerity, emotions, and the ability to persuade, but its weak points, they are mood, pessimism, suspicion, lack of sense of security, as there are several nearby things to his heart, the arts, home and hobbies , and to meet friends on a meal, and help his loved ones, relax beside the water, or into the water, but what does not like dealing with people of strangers about him, and the most important personal qualities, is a sense of delicate, love to help others, pay attention to the family, and moods, lack of patience, and keep his life special for himself. [7]

About the qualities of Leo

Lies the strengths of the Leo fiery creativity, generosity, heart good, love of fun, and a sense of humor, the weaknesses, they are vanity, stubbornness, and self-love, lack of flexibility, there are several things grainy has, a theatrical art, and the days of the holiday, get the admiration of others do, and things luxury, bright colors, and fun with friends time, and not several likes things which meet the challenges of realism, and be ignored, and treated inappropriately, but the most important personal qualities are self-confidence, gravity, and the ability to achieve the ambitions . [8]


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