Reasons not to gain weight despite eating

Reasons not to gain weight despite eating


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Raises thin many health concerns like obesity, it uses a body mass index (in English: BMI) to see if a person is suffering from thin; Where the person has a slim less than 18.5 indication, and can cause a slim body not get the necessary nutrients to build bones, hair, skin, and cause many health problems. [1]

Reasons for not weight gain

Can not result in weight gain or the so-called thinness for several reasons, including what is myself, or my body, and these reasons are the following: [2]

Physical causes

Can cause several diseases to reduce weight temporarily, where the body can lose a few kilos when the flu, high temperature, but can regain weight lost after the end of the disease, and other medical causes of the thinnest following: [2]

  • Overactive thyroid gland: where thyroid hormones affect the body's health, weight, metabolism, and in the event of disruption of thyroid function or what is called an overactive thyroid gland (in English: Hyperthyroidism); So that large amounts of hormones produced, leading to a disorder of metabolism process, and many of the functions of the body; Such as heart beat, body temperature, and cause weight loss, it is worth mentioning that this situation is linked to a number of symptoms; Ktdkhm thyroid gland (in English: Goitre), fatigue, nervousness, increased body temperature with excessive sweating, increased heart rate (in English: Heart rate), and some might catch Bjehoz eyes (in English: Exophthalmos), also cause weight loss despite eating the food.
  • Diabetes: It is a weight loss excessive, fatigue, and excessive urination and thirst of symptoms that can infect patients with diabetes, insulin resistance, although many of the people with these diseases suffer from an increase in weight, it is worth mentioning that the people who suffer from these symptoms need to measure blood sugar levels to see if they are suffering from diabetes.
  • TB: where TB is a disease (in English: Tuberculosis) is a common disease in South Africa, and is one of Ahazzalah diseases (in English: Wasting disease), where accompanied by symptoms such as rapid weight loss, cough, and excessive night sweats (in English: Night sweats), malaise (English: Malaise), and fatigue.
  • Cancer: It can be cancer associated with rapid weight loss, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, and inability to gain weight, it is important to conduct the necessary tests to diagnose the disease.
  • AIDS: where it can lead to AIDS (in English: HIV / Aids) injury wasting, weight loss significantly, accompanied by the inability to gain weight even after eating large amounts of food, and helps the medicine and follow the appropriate diet to stop the progression of the disease, and improve the quality of life and survival rate (in English: survival rate).

Psychological causes

The depression, one of the main causes of weight loss, usually suffer depression patients from low appetite, weight loss significantly, so it is necessary for people who think they are suffering from depression get help from psychiatrists or clinical psychologists, and other psychological causes what comes: [2] [3]

  • Anorexia nervosa: usually people with suffering with anorexia nervosa (in English: Anorexia nervosa) of intense fear to gain weight, and perception is unrealistic image of their bodies, and refused to maintain a healthy weight, so they underestimate the amount of food they eat considerably, as they see themselves as a weight-plus despite losing weight dramatically, and can have this disease are many health risks; Such as loss of bone, infertility (in English: Infertility), and damage to the brain, and others.
  • Bulimia nervosa: It is characterized by bulimia nervosa (in English: Bulimia Nervosa) by repeating insatiable food (in English: Binge eating), then it follows that some of these behaviors to compensate for the increase in food intake; If vomiting person deliberately, or exercise aerobic exercise excessively, or Asthaddam diuretics and laxatives, and afraid of people with this disease are overweight, and the feel of dissatisfaction with the shape and size of their bodies, and can cause severe dehydration, digestive problems, heart problems, disorders of electrolyte (in English: Electrolyte imbalance).

other reasons

There are many other reasons that can contribute to weight loss, including the following: [2]

  • Drugs: there are many drugs that cause weight loss or appetite reduces significantly, so it can review the pharmacist if you notice that the person has started losing weight after the use of a particular drug.
  • Extreme tension: where people can stop people with very concerned about eating due to lack of appetite, or the feeling of nausea.
  • Excessive exercise sports: it can lead to frequent practice to make the diet is unable to meet the growing needs of the body because of the exercise.
  • Lack of enzymes: where deficiency can result in a lack of digestive enzymes or digestive juices to hinder digestion and absorption of food, and thus lead to weight loss. On the other hand, it can be a disease of wheat allergy (in English: Celiac disease), cystic fibrosis (in English: Cystic Fibrosis) that Ertbta inability to gain weight.

The risk of thin

Can be thin linked to many health risks, and these risks as follows: [1]

  • Osteoporosis (English: Osteoporosis).
  • Problems in the skin, hair, and teeth.
  • Feeling unwell all the time.
  • Incidence of the disease frequently.
  • Anemia (in English: Anemia).
  • Irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Increased risk of premature birth of the holder.
  • Slow growth.


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