Reasons for marriage obstructed

Reasons for marriage obstructed


  • 1 marriage obstructed
  • 2 reasons for marriage obstructed 2.1 Continuously sins 2.2 Leave the statutes and turning away from the male 2.3 envy or eye 2.4 high cost of dowry and material situation
  • 2.1 Continuously sins
  • 2.2 Leave the statutes and turning away from the male
  • 2.3 envy or eye
  • 2.4 high cost of dowry and material situation

Marriage obstructed

Multiple causes obstructed marriage and disabled between religious reasons social and other reasons Nfisseh, so in this article we will review a variety of reasons that may be the cause of the difficulty in marriage and delayed on young Muslims.

Reasons for marriage obstructed

Continuously sins

The commission of sin, maintaining it may be the cause of the difficulty in or disable Azwaj, and we infer that in the verse: ((And whatever calamity mind the things your hands have earned, and forgives many)) [Shura 30], and this may be a sin insolvent marriage or anti-Rozk, has are sometimes some kind of affliction in this case the Muslim should fortitude and patience on what it gets.

Leaving statutes, and the reluctance to mention

God impose the Almighty on the Muslim group of the statutes, which aims to achieve happiness in this world and Alakhrh, also ordered Bamadaomh on the above-the Koran-but sometimes neglects the Muslim Lafraid, and is reluctant to mention Allah, Veptlah God in difficulty in the marriage until he returns to Rabh, and the on the worship of his Lord the right to worship.

Envy or eye

The envy or eye role in delaying Azwaj, and imprisonment Alrozk, and the occurrence of a problem Maanh, but most of the times become the envy they generated suspicions and Alafteradat, man becomes trapped by his ideas and Osawsh, and that a Muslim should not forget that everything is where the marriage difficulty in physical or problems Gerha, are all as much as God Msheeith, affects their wills and prevents those who Ichae, and avoid eye or envy on the Muslim male and to constantly fortify self Bh, and trust in Allah, and think well of all what was written on humans Okdar, not Giver what Mna, I do not mind what gave.

The high cost of dowry and material situation

Dowry is the amount of money is determined by both the Crown girl is the young man who Mnha, marriage wants the two parties agree on the amount before Azwaj, a token of the man to express a true desire Balzwag, and sincerity in Zlk, It is also for the benefit of Almroh, and not for relatives from near or from afar , or even the right pair Ver, was characterized by an old dowry Bbassatth, is estimated by the husband or Asttiah, example A'raabi experienced farmer and his wife Jmla, Nkhala, The world Vimehrha from his knowledge that did not find Gerh, was a dowry Aisha girl Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him Ali may Allah be pleased with him a shield.

All this proves the severity of Islam's care and attention to facilitating matters of marriage to young Muslims so that men accept the Azwaj, and have them infallibility from falling into Mahrmat, but what we are witnessing today overstate the dowry as a result of the greed of some parents Alomor, and lack of awareness of the extent of the sanctity of marriage and the importance of the Islamic community , make money in the next obstacle on the way of marriage, especially with the high cost of living standard of living and the requirements of life in which we live.


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