Psychology and personal analysis

Psychology and personal analysis


  • 1 What is the psychology
  • 2 Personality Psychology
  • 3 Analysis of personality tests
  • 4 personal composition of elements
  • 5 Personal components when Freud
  • 6 video analysis of personal psychology
  • 7 References

What is the psychology

Psychology defines the year as a science that studies human behavior as a response to the exciting, different responses to different stimuli, in addition to studying the impact of genetics and internal environment and external to the individual on the trends and interactions with itself and with society, is studying this science interactions and behavioral individual types of verbal; Motor, mental, emotional or affective, relationships syndrome among themselves for the purpose of understanding this behavior and to find appropriate methods for analysis and understanding, prediction of problems and obstacles that may interfere with the individual in a particular position and responses expected towards them to do, and helps psychology in general to understand the personalities patterns different predicted impressions and perceptions and attitudes contrasting them, and therefore abound branches practical psychology in the modern science of the same industry era, criminal psychology, and social psychology, and many other branches and classifications that addresses each particular area. [1]

Personality Psychology

Personality Psychology is defined as a branch of General Psychology; This is where specialized science study characteristics and behavioral phenomena emotional when individuals which are usually called personal name; Ie it is the science that studies the psychological characteristics when human Ktabaa mood and behavioral patterns and motivations and abilities, and all the factors affecting them, in addition to studying the role of the unconscious in programming behavior, and the importance of experience and expertise that have affected the process of creation and the creation of personality traits in childhood. [2] [ 3]

Analysis of personality tests

Of scientists who have worked in the field of personal analysis of patterns is the Swiss scientist Carl Yang, who was a student trainee and Freud; Where he benefited from Freud's theory of psychoanalysis to study the psychological aspects and elements of personal identify Mknunadtha. Spread a lot of different tests in the field of personal analysis, and had many benefits of these tests; It helps to recognize the individual himself and those around him, and to identify ways to make decisions and interact with the environment, and knowledge of the positive and negative aspects of the individual, as well as to recognize the strengths and ways of strengthening and recognizing the weaknesses and how to get rid of them. [4]

Elements of the formation of personality

Personality of the individual is a harmonious interaction that is between physical behavior and psychological behavior; However, the mechanism of this interaction behavior may be innate motherhood and breast-feeding and other preparations and behavioral patterns that generate with the individual, and can either be an environmental individual acquired gradually through experiences that are exposed in different age stages, may be common sense is a readiness self of the individual activated by conditions and environmental conditions, it is possible to know the personal as an integrated and consistent system in relative terms, which is about features or phenomena, physical and psychological innate or acquired, which is characterized by a specific individual, and the mechanism of interaction with the physical and social environment, it is possible to display the initial components of the character as follows : [5] [6]

  • Body: It is the body with the breath as a whole, an important element of personal composition of the individual, whether it is together. The body or where any illness, it affects the mood of the individual and the way its interaction with itself and society negatively or positively.
  • 'Intelligence and capacity: There is no doubt that intelligence and mental competencies of an individual affect the formation of an individual's personality and compatibility positive with itself and society, and different individuals responses and interactions according to different mental abilities, abstract view of the facts or daily incidents and others.
  • Mood: The mood of the most essential elements in building personal; Where some believe that the mood as a result of the interaction of chemical elements in the body; Where the mood varies depending on these interactions, and certainly there is a general emotional energy when an individual produces behaviors based on the level of intelligence when the individual, and instincts that move according to the changing nature of the situation.
  • Environment: Environment plays an important role in the formation of the first building blocks centered personality of the individual, consists first environment of the house, shows the scientific level of the impact of parents on all aspects of economic, moral, and others, in addition to the upbringing methods of normal produce individuals who are heterosexual and settled away from deviation, and secondly the school; It helps the maturity of the personality of the individual and rooting sound ethics and composition of the different behavioral patterns, the school environment is balanced and constructive generations create an educated and informed and advanced. The third is the community and its content of the customs and traditions, political systems, and social norms and values ​​of the physical, moral and spiritual.

Personal components when Freud

Freud is considered the founder of the school of psychoanalysis, which focused on aspects of personal and components; Where personal divided into three sections as follows: [7]

  • Ego: it is the dominant volitional movements as a result of the interactions between sensory perception and muscle, in addition to the task of studying external environmental stimuli and stored in the form of expertise, and avoiding exposure to unwanted experiences, and adapt to moderate experiences.
  • Supreme ego: is the stock of ideals and ethics, conscience, goodness, truth, and all the attributes of supreme values; Ie they serve as a psychological censor. Mechanism affected the integrity of the ego is replaced by the parents of breeders and known personalities affected by the individual, and can be adjusted refines culture of the individual and the level of education.
  • Pneu: It is the origin of the vital biological and psychological energy, it contains innate instincts that breed with human; It's a primitive composition of the individual's personality before Asqlha both the community and the environment, Valho is located on the side of a deep inner self has no connection with reality is far from the norms and values; Which it accounts for its activity and its interactions principle of pleasure and pain, and often ego-be senior officer for this activity.

Personal video analysis in psychology

To learn more information about personal analysis in psychology Watch the video.


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