Psychic Tips

Psychic Tips


  • 1 Mental Health
  • 2 Some tips psychological 2.1 build social relationships 2.2 Self-stimulation 2.3 motor and physical activity 2.4 giving and giving 2.5 seeking to acquire new knowledge 2.6 openness to change
  • 2.1 build social relationships
  • 2.2 Self-stimulation
  • 2.3 motor and physical activity
  • 2.4 giving and giving
  • 2.5 seeking to acquire new knowledge
  • 2.6 openness to change
  • 3 References

Psychological health

The individual to live a life filled with different changes rapidly, which mar the modern societies influence on the attitudes of individuals and the level of their needs, causing the emergence of psychological needs, in a renewed cope with the developments of the modern era, and the failure to meet these needs leads to an imbalance significantly in the adaptation of the individual and stability, and lead to the emergence of many of the social and psychological problems. The individual must seek to reach the psychological balance necessary; Which allows him to continue his level of psychological comfort and self-stability required, and thus it has become important to employ theories and applications of psychology in the daily life of the individual; To reach this stability, or what is called in psychology and mental health, which is defined by the World Health Organization as a mental, social and physical integrity is complete, as it is not just the lack of a chronic illness or disability is, it is the prevailing wellness state enjoyed by the individual in most of the circumstances; So that he can employ his skills and abilities to achieve accomplishments, and its ability to adapt to public life in all circumstances. [1] [2] [3]

Some psychological tips

Many psychological studies have reported a lot of ways, strategies and tips to improve the level of self-quality and performance of the individual psychological; By employing psychology and its application in everyday life, and the most important of these methods as follows:

Building social relations

Human being social by nature; Social relations help feeling a sense of belonging and raise the intrinsic value, and the openness to social relations provides an opportunity to exchange experiences positive, support the emotional with the others, it is important that the individual be more open to the formation of new social relations, and to identify new people constantly, keep bonding with family and friends and strengthening these relations with them, and the allocation of regular and continuous times to communicate and spend time with them, as it is important to move away from electronic and technological devices, such as: telephone, television as much as possible, and spend some moments with the kids, playing with them, and the sense of happiness with them, it is possible Investment communication programs in the visual and audio phones; To strengthen social relations and preserved from extinction. [4]


It is motivating the individual to himself while doing a particular task, or while trying to reach the goal sought, and overcome the challenges and obstacles that may be encountered, and the most self-motivation methods that the individual must do to maintain psychological stability: break the routine, diversification, introducing elements regenerative to raise the rate of motivation to perform various tasks and reach the goals at all levels, in addition to the development of the immediate objectives that are linked to each other, and self-reward after their success in the performance of a particular job. [1]

Motor and physical activity

Obviously the physical strength a direct impact on the mental health level enjoyed by the individual, mental health is may mean complacency and the outside world, and proved that the safety of health physical fitness is one of the health elements of mental sound, as the constant physical activity helps the individual to confront stages primary light from depression, prevention of anxiety and stress, in addition to the positive effects on the mood of individuals and raise the level of self-esteem, make them sound image, and is by doing physical activities continuously as much as possible; This search for the appropriate sports and desired, and then make them part of the routine of daily life and activities. [5]

Giving and giving

It is important for mental health self that the individual giving and giving to others, support forms to them, and may be tender by doing various volunteer activities in the local community institutions in various fields, which earns the individual complacency and the ocean, and thus strengthen the mental health has upgraded , where linked to some studies and researches psychological between doing the actions and the actions of emotional support and tender forms towards others and the level of mental health and mental well-being positive, and these are examples of actions: to provide assistance to those in need of close individuals or strangers, and give thanks and gratitude when someone is doing what. [6]

Seeking to acquire new knowledge

Useful mental health of an individual to be interested in learning experiences and new skills that is necessary to have a relationship to raise the level of scientific qualifications and the process, and in general, the learning process is infinite and limitless, starting from the human birth until his death, and accompanied at all stages of his life . The learning process is a process that gives the individual the feeling of self-satisfaction and confidence and develop the skills of setting goals, and noted some of the research that the acquisition of new knowledge is linked to feelings of optimism and satisfaction and to create positive emotions, and in general, the learning is an interactive process, enhance the building of social relations, such as: enrollment lessons and specialized courses in various fields, and examples of new skills that can be learned continuously: assume new responsibilities, re-renewal of old hobbies and stimulate them, or learn a new language, and many others. [7]

Openness to change

The process of change is an ongoing process and inherent to the human life experienced by many of the situations and incidents that require a certain change in a different lifestyle, and do not change properly this occurs only if allowed the individual to the same fight new experiences in all fields, which helps him to enrich the life skills in general, no openness is limited to change on a particular aspect, it may be changing social relations, or change places of recreation, or the type of music that listens with the individual, all that helps individuals to exercise the flexible lifestyle and open to the situations and problems that might be exposed to everyone. [8]


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