Prostate symptoms in men

Prostate symptoms in men


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Prostate symptoms in men

Varying severity of symptoms associated with the case of an enlarged prostate among men with this problem, and unit is not associated with symptoms enlarged prostate gland size, some patients may suffer simple inflation Bgdp prostate severe symptoms, while simple symptoms may be in the event of the suffering of others from inflation, severe sharp, and in any case unit begins the symptoms of enlarged prostate decline to worse gradually with the passage of time, but there are some men who are improving the symptoms have access to a state of equilibrium after a period of time, and a statement to the symptoms of prostate enlargement comes when men: [1]

  • The urgent need to urinate.
  • Frequency of urination and waged in the night hours.
  • Face difficulty in starting urination.
  • The flow of urine is weak or intermittent.
  • The inability to empty the bladder completely.
  • Descent points of urine after the completion of urination.
  • The appearance of blood in the urine.
  • The inability to urinate.
  • Infection, urinary tract.

'Control of the enlarged prostate

The breakdown comes to lifestyle modifications that can be commissioned to mitigate the symptoms of enlarged prostate: [2]

  • Control of the tension and anxiety.
  • Quit Smoking.
  • Avoid drinking liquids in the evening to reduce the need to urinate at night.
  • Avoid drinking more than two liters of fluid per day.
  • Attempt bladder emptying completely during urination.
  • Avoid drugs known as the negative influence of the prostate as anti-histamine symptoms (in English: Antihistamines).
  • The practice of ad hoc training exercise pelvic floor muscles (in English: Pelvic floor exercise).
  • Exercise for the strengthening of the bladder muscles.

Foods that stimulate prostate symptoms

Studies have shown that eating certain types of food increases the risk of prostate swelling, in addition to its impact negatively in the severity of symptoms Albroostadtand suffering from inflation, and the following mentioned types of foods that are recommended to avoid them: [3]

  • Red meat.
  • Caffeine.
  • Foods marinated.
  • Alcohol.
  • milk products.


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