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Exist between our hands daily printed papers we use in business, or reading, or to accomplish the tasks of Administration, and because of the large number of papers that surround us do not think about often in the hard way that a piece of human to reach print to this degree of ease, it has become the person to print papers can or images She needs one-click on the print button.

Since the foot print is re-copied words, graphics, and the decorations on paper, or fabric mechanical way, printing has appeared in many ancient civilizations, and continued to evolve until it reached its current form.

Printing date

When printing of ancient civilizations

The printing of the ancient civilizations represented in the seals, which are placed in the ownership or private messages, have been used in the areas of Syria and Iraq in a period of almost five thousand years BC, and was embossed on the seals images of old gods Kaaster, and the sun, Enki, also known civilizations Persian and Hindi print special seals in the trade, they were usually characterized by deprivation or Indian writings of the inscription, while the other civilizations Kalmbarh and Greek and Romanian based on the handwriting and copies only.

Print books

The Chinese were first invented a way to print on paper, which was one of their inventions basically, have started in the first century AD print graphics and finishes on fabrics, and with the spread of Buddhism in the second century AD, and increased demand for books Buddhist teaching the Chinese digging writing templates wooden, Buddhist sacred book more books that have been printed and it was.

They assemble letters technology that were later used, but they were not practical for the absence of an alphabet of the ancient Chinese work, and the adoption of the language on the symbols that approximately forty thousand symbol, it was impossible to assemble those characters to print a book, and it was easier to drill on wooden molds.

Modern printing

The first printing machine appeared in the form of modern Germany, by Johannes Gutenberg in the middle of the fifteenth century, after the printing techniques have evolved over the years in that continent, and used prominent letters and techniques for the compilation of letters written work templates are rudimentary.

The emergence of the printing machine is a revolution in the world of communication, culture, and political; Millions of books were printed, and newspapers began to spread in the entire continent, it has gone through printing machines with many stages of development after Gutenberg; Where he appeared printing machines steam so as to provide the voltage on the factor pushing the plunger to convey letters from the template to the paper, more than at the same time the amount of copies printed.

In the nineteenth century, invented by Richard is a rotary printing, which prove the characters on a rotating cylinder, and through the paper passes beneath non-stop printing more copies.


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