Preparing for the feast of my husband's birthday

Preparing for the feast of my husband's birthday


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Holiday birthday pair

Is a holiday birthday pair of important events that you love women's sophistication and creativity in the celebration, and the reason for this is due to the desire to show her love and appreciation, and Modtha for her husband, and a woman by nature like innovation in the ways of expressing love, always looking for what's new away ideas and old traditional ways, in this article we will mention some ideas to work holiday birthday pair. [1]

New ideas to prepare the feast birthday pair

There are many ideas to help prepare the feast birthday pair, including: [2]

  • Bring a set of colorful conditions and filled with messages of love, words romantic, and the reasons for the love of the husband, or features, and advantages from the point of view of his wife, and formed a manner that reflects the age of the pair, then put it on a wall, or a small table, so as to be in front of him when he enters the house.
  • Prepare the cake to celebrate the special pair, through recommendation from a specialized sweets shops these things, and to ensure that the cake contains a picture that express what he loves, as a symbol of his favorite team, or specialization of scientific and practical, or put personal image.
  • Congratulate him early in the morning long birthday in a distinctive way, as if he wakes up and sees special greeting using lipstick mirror on the sink so that this greeting contains beautiful words that express the love wife, accompanied by the words "surprise awaits you in the evening" to increase Tchougah.
  • Prepare a romantic dinner decorated with flowers, candles and attractive scented fragrant, taking care of the dishes favored by the pair setting.
  • Preparing to spend this happy occasion in a tourist resorts.
  • Provide a gift in a fun way by putting signs on the wall to indicate the pair on the whereabouts of the gift, leaving some notes and instructions at each place up to the pair, being careful to choose a gift fit the taste pair, Xaah distinctive global brand favored by, or shaver for as long as he wished to get them , or fancy clothes, perfume or a distinctive smell.

Distinctive ideas

This is also a set of ideas for the feast of the birth of the pair but more distinctive: [3]

  • Decorate the place balloons containing inside a group of papers bearing the romantic words, it is possible to ask the wife of her husband, pop balloons to extract the papers and read them.
  • Send roses to his place of work, which is happy pair dramatically, and shows how love and appreciation of his wife.
  • Natural scattering roses, or dried around the house, especially in front of the entrance.
  • Prepare a dish of distinctive fruit colors attractive, romantic words and writing them.
  • Prepare an album of images, containing memories, shared between the couple and pictures.
  • Invite parents, friends, and arrange it without the knowledge of the husband.
  • Order the bed and is decorated in a special way.


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