Pisces woman recipes

Pisces woman recipes


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  • 2 recipes Female Pisces 2.1 sympathetic 2.2 Artist 2.3 inspirational 2.4 Mattah 2.5 mysterious 2.6 defects Pisces girl 2.7 mood 2.8 negative 2.9 Lazy
  • 2.1 sympathetic
  • 2.2 Artist
  • 2.3 inspirational
  • 2.4 Mattah
  • 2.5 mysterious
  • 2.6 defects Pisces girl
  • 2.7 mood
  • 2.8 negative
  • 2.9 Lazy
  • 3 Female Pisces love
  • 4 Female Pisces friendship
  • 5 Female Pisces at work
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Born owners of Pisces between February 19 - March 20, which is the twelfth tower in the towers of any latest of a circle, and continued to the water element, and it takes two fish opposing sign, ruled by the planet all of Newton, and the buyer, strongly with Virgo owners compatible, and the Taurus, numbers luck is: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and colors favorites are: violet, purple, and green. [1]

Female recipes Pisces

Female Pisces enjoys many of the qualities that distinguish it from other females, they are distinct female, love and calm appearance seems calm and peaceful, and the most important characteristics: [2] [3] [4]


The most prominent characteristic of female whale and emotional sense of the high tower, they listen to others and constantly trying to solve their problems, which makes them psychological Kalmaalj because of the deep knowledge of the human feelings, they are accommodating very sensitive to the problems of others and their suffering, making them eligible for their understanding, as well as memorable abuse quickly if what offended God does not bear a grudge in her heart never.


The whale girl and one of the characters that are highly interested in art, as well as dreamy and tend to the imagination so the creativity has no boundaries at all, it also has a unique ability to see the world from another trend that most people can see it, and that they often did not possess artistic talent allows her to express this understanding.


Is a Pisces girl from inspirational figures to others, due to their ability to understand everyone, which makes them enjoy leadership qualities, and thus be a model followed by people who are around, in addition to her creativity in matters of her life his role in making them an example.


Is a Pisces girl Almattah characters that do not pay attention to herself, but she may care about others very attention and provide them with what they need material or moral support to the same account, and do not care if the person who has a good help needs or bad; Because it will help give him the best in any event, which makes them available people always to provide different services to others.


One of the most qualities that make Pisces girl very attractive is that it is vague, with the ability to understand others well, but it is often no one understands or even suffer from this always, due to the nature of the deep very spiritual, it must be a female whale of openness to others and tell them what Echtlj the same as they are, but rarely opens Doakhlha to someone, but if you find a person who understands deeply they quickly relate to him, but will seek all that have to maintain a presence precious in her life.

Disadvantages Pisces Girl

Just as the whale girl has many characteristics, it also has some drawbacks, but it should be noted that not all the girls in this tower apply to them these drawbacks, including: [4]


Pisces girl tend to be very temperamental. With it a nice person but her mood swings often, the same can not determine the reason behind this mood, which is one of the most prominent signs in her personality.


When exposed to a whale girl disappointed or frustrated when you feel the mind begins to call all the negative thoughts that do not go from her mind easily, but remain stuck in it for a long time, and this usually occurs after passing a bad experience, inviting them to become somewhat negative.


Pisces girl may be too lazy when there is no what motivated to do some work, and lazy also with regard to emotion, it is not prepared to do enough to put things in the right place when problems occur; So as to try their sense of absurdity, as it believes that it is not possible to fix the problems experienced by.

Female Pisces love

Love of the most important things in the female whale's life, they love the same love and always waiting for this relationship, seems very excited completely fascinated by the person you love, and enjoy every moment you feel where she soaked in love, and behave like children as soon be with the right person, as they are considered the most romantic characters at all, they know how to make love and how to receive him, he gives extraordinary power gain from her feelings abundant, and seems to have the world finally logically, as it connects everything it is a goal for her. [5]

Female Pisces friendship

Is a Pisces girl more characters that provide attention to others, especially loved ones, also characterized as being loyal to friends and as I have emotional support, so resorted to all her friends to be a shoulder for them and they know they are on a permanent hearing prepared, characterized as very playful and loves to laugh so you will find friends have fun with it, as they do not care about idealism; Visttia any person to act in front of her nature and will not be critical of him at all. [6] [7]

Female Pisces at work

You female whale to be a process where so it's quick adjustment, so they are doing well at work, it also has the ability to think outside the box, which makes its own way of working is unfamiliar, and its success regards primarily the nature of the work, if it meets their needs and fits her character, they will be keen to do, and in the opposite direction if the work fails to achieve their demands, they will turn into a personal lazy and do not pay CAF his attention, and the business that fits is where showing humanity and compassion as if to be a teacher. [8] [9]


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