Pigeon breeding

Pigeon breeding


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Bathroom dwelling

You can create a new building to be used as a house for pigeons, or can use any old building if available Kalhzair and others, preferably to reach the size of the place where the bathroom is placed twenty-seven cubic meters, so that there is enough free space for each pair of pigeons, as recommended allocating area at the top of dwelling pigeons are placed chicks where the bathroom, and important things that must be available in the bathroom dwelling is to be dry and away from moisture that can cause various diseases of these birds, in addition to providing the necessary safety and protection in the housing; So that it is away from the access to predators such as dogs or rats, and it should be noted that the bathroom can bear high temperatures. [1]

Feeding pigeons

Prefer to feed the bathroom with some foods specially manufactured for this type of bird, but rely on it alone without diversification in various nutrition sources can cause some health damage bath such as lack of calcium, so it is recommended to provide different types of fresh vegetables and fruits, through shredded and presented in daily pigeons, and is the apple, cantaloupe, kale, spinach, and even wild grapes, carrots, broccoli are good examples of some of the vegetables and fruits that can be provided for bathroom items, and do not feed pigeons limited to these species, but can offer some of the crumbs news and cooked rice . [2]

Water-saving bath

Care must be taken to provide drinking water fresh and clean necessary for the pigeons over time, it can be used basins of water containing plugs to make sure pigeon breeders that these birds get enough water every day, as recommended to put the water basins near places that have food bathroom, and finally it is necessary to clean these water basins constantly to avoid the occurrence of any of these diseases may cause birds. [3]


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