Personal types in Psychology

Personal types in Psychology


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Personal Psychology

Many research was conducted with regard to personal topic, but did not reach definitive conclusions about the personal nature; This is because the human personality is a complex phenomenon to the extent that it can be defined in different ways, and personal defined in different ways by psychologists who are busy personal study, and the variables that affect their development. [1]

Personal definition in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior, and compatibility with the surrounding environment, [2] personal word (in English: Personality), derived from the word (Persona) Latin means the mask that was worn by representatives of the Greeks on their faces; While representing them on stage, and based on the concept of the mask was thought to be the personal impact and the effect that the person leaves the wearer of the mask on viewers. [1]

The meaning of the idiomatic character is a (relatively organized version of the models behavior, attitudes, beliefs, and values ​​typical of a particular person, which is recognized by the others). [3]

Personality types and characteristics in psychology

Personality in psychology types, differ in characteristics from each other, and these characters are: [4] [5]

  • Personal inwardness: the owner of this character is a loner who willingly around him; Where he lives in his own world, does not establish relations with others, and adapt to the surrounding reality, say psychologists: The person introvert may succeed in several areas, especially areas that need calm, vacuum mind, and isolation.
  • Personal compulsions: the person is unable to express his feelings, and if through his feelings be very conservative and rigid, others Vifamh as arrogant and cocky; So friendships are a few, a person likes to adhere to, and hates chaos, and likes to work and strive hard in it, but it faces a problem in decision-making, a person is very explicit, are not fluent in mincing words and courtesy, does not give confidence to one easily, nor withdrawn too easily, say psychologists : this person is tense and worried, and can suffer from some diseases, such as: migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, and stomach pain.
  • Personal Alsikobatah: This person is a follower of his desires and ambitions, and may be allowed to face from abroad but lacks feelings and sensations internally; He does not give up and sacrifice for one, is characterized by some of the underworld qualities, such as lying, stealing, violence, and lack of the Secretariat in his work, which lunged also recklessly, say psychologists: This person is a demon in human form, a living embodiment for all meanings of vice and bad.
  • Personal oppressive: This person has a permanent feeling of persecution and injustice; So he doubted everyone, and is expected to harm them, and harbored them hatred and discomfort, and can turn into a person aggressive, criticizing others are prey, and do not take into account their feelings, and do not accept criticism or advice from one, a few friends, and bad conjecture, and a lot of jealousy; So bad relationship with his wife, a difficult dialogue and debate, and lacks the spirit of fun and laughter, do not draw near people and courted them, a person centered on himself, a non-existent sense of beauty and creative art, say psychologists: These personal extremists, fanatics, and divorced men and women, must dealing with him quietly warned; Because he does not hesitate to harm oppose it.
  • Personal histrionics: A person is a person Hysterical selfish to the extreme, stingy, likes to grab everything, quick to anger for trivial reasons, sharp and volatile temperament, say psychologists: The personal is different from the hysterical hysteria disease.
  • Personal narcissism: Personal herself very impressed, arrogant and arrogant, manipulative and opportunistic, very elegant and superficial, rare friendships, can be exposed to depression if it fails.
  • Personal semi-schizophrenic: a personal close to schizophrenia, but the symptoms are less severe than schizophrenia, the owner is characterized by this character as: a stranger, optimistic and will regard the strange things, a permanent feeling that others watching him, a mysterious and bad conjecture, and relationships with others tight, afraid of confrontation being cash and accounting.
  • Personal limit: a sharp person mood, very irritable, volatile in anger and temperament, and his emotions are not fixed, hates loneliness, constant suspicion and confusion in the principles and values ​​that he believes in, and said the psychologists: (patient is normal, the patient and normal), he is a person standing on the borderline between the disease and health.
  • Personal Altashih: is a personal escape from the face of the people and mixing them, and avoid the establishment of social relations; They are afraid of non-acceptance, rejection of the people, insult and defamation, however, this personal wishes owner of mingling with others and engage with them, but it imposes the same isolation; Because it moves away from the people of his wish.
  • Personal Reliability: The person who depends on others in everything, unable to take the decision, afraid to take responsibility, and is confident himself, and lacks the entrepreneurial spirit and experience.
  • Personal aggressiveness: is a failed figure in her life, you hate success, and love others disabled and impeding their work, rebel do not abide by laws and regulations.
  • Personal defeatism: The person who is defeated and humiliated delights brought to himself, does not trust his own abilities, and put pressure on others; To test the extent of their patience and endurance to him.
  • Personal obsessive: This person cares about small details at the expense of quality, and looking for formal idealism that are inconsistent with the completion of the work, diligent in his work on social relations account, depends on himself in all, the housekeeper and misspent.
  • Personal Depressive: personal pessimistic and sad permanently, but grief does not affect the performance of their everyday work, intense sense of helplessness and remorse, and the look of the black things pessimistic.
  • Personal extraversion: is a good personal heart, humor, and good treatment, people loved, self-confident and others, quick decision-making, non-organization, and do not keep appointments, you love to hear praise and frequent praise from others, and hate work.
  • Positive personal: the owner of this look positive personal things, quiet and cheerful, intelligent and enthusiastic, makes its decisions rationally, and negotiate brilliantly and listen to others.
  • Personal sophistry: accompanied by someone much controversy and talk, without access to interviews as a result, suffers from the unit and some of the social problems, exhibition of depression.
  • Balanced personality: qualities of the individual who enjoys this balanced personality, is accepted and accepted by others.
  • Personal Almertabh: is characterized by exaggerating mistrust, extreme caution and others, and vulnerable to critics of, and a lot of controversy and rivalry, the love of command and control, and focus on others flaws and mistakes.
  • Personal naive: is characterized by its owner confidence blind people, and the negligence of what is going on around him, and docile and subordination to others and accept others criticized him even if they were wrong, and exaggerated candor even in private matters.
  • Harsh personal: personal word in dealing, hardhearted and harsh, lacking compassion and mercy, aggressive, severely punished, and forcing others to submit to her, as she likes revenge.
  • Personal compassionate: personal heart is a thin, compassionate to others, tolerant and soft, moving away from rivalry and controversy.
  • Personal submissive: is characterized by its owner to acquiesce to others, Msajrihm and approval of their desires, weakness in expressing personal opinion, and mute feelings Aldkhalih, and the inability to show, and to ensure that the feelings of others, and the fear of meeting the same with the offset.

Personal Attributes in Psychology

Despite the differing concepts of personal, it can be assumed that some features can be shared in the personal, which is as follows: [6]

  • Symbiotic feature: any that the composition of the elements are personal harmony in the form of an integrated and coherent system; Valchksah measured coherently components and consistency.
  • Dynamic feature: to be an interactive personal nature between the different elements; Because of biological configuration that gives it a degree of interaction and continuous growth.
  • Adapt to their surroundings and environment feature: environmental factors play a very important role in the personal configuration, it can not be separated from personal outer perimeter.
  • Differentiation characteristic: each character independent character is characterized by, so unique to each individual person before the special edition.
  • The relative stability feature: There are some general features that require a degree of stability and continuity, ensuring that preserving the distinctive character of personality is not incompatible with the dynamic feature, such as: intelligence, acquired skills, and experience.

Factors affecting the personal composition

To understand the qualities of personal and straightened, and how to deal with it, you must know the most important factors affecting the personal composition, and the most important of these factors: [7]

  • Genetics: Genetics earn some individual qualities that affect the composition of his character, such as: generosity, humor and seriousness, and others.
  • Purpose of procreation: medical studies revealed that the brain contains many vital centers, which manages mental and psychological processes such as perception, behavior, thinking, feelings, which affects the formation of personality.
  • Family style upbringing: a significant impact family affect the psychological development of a child in the first stage of his age, including gaining experience, abilities, skills, and behavior, which affects the psychological growth positively or negatively, and the stability of the family very important in the upbringing of the child's personality, the larger the family more stable, increased self-confidence and become more secure and tranquility, and the method of parents in the education of great importance in the formation of individual personality.
  • Cultural and social influences: such as information, customs, traditions, values, and so on.

Personal video analysis in psychology

To learn more information about personal analysis in psychology Watch the video.


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