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Aquarians are the personalities born January 20 to 19 February and is last in the zodiac, Aquarius represents hope and dreams, Aquarius intelligent person but also an ideal, and born in the tower are characterized Balantoaiah giving them the appearance of coolness and reclusion, but they seek inside them to communicate with others, and the person who is born under the name of Aquarius is a person lover of freedom is very related to its independence, and Aquarius is also a generous character because he likes to provide benefit and services to others and is also a person very special and derive happiness from the comfort of others, and some celebrities born Aquarius they are: Jules Verne, Jack Parvir, and Phil Collins, and Roosevelt, and the induction element of the bucket is air, favorite colors: are green, violet, indigo. [1]

Recipes Aquarius

Aquarius is believed that a person lover to travel because he likes change and new experiences, its main advantage is the ability of intellectual deep but was born in the tower are characterized by severe nervous and taut nerves often. Is a fast emotionalism and can be feedback has an unexpected and sometimes very stubborn. When it is convinced that on the right, one can make him change his mind not. Aquarius is also someone who is not very tolerant. It can sometimes take hasty decisions and inappropriate beyond the border. [2] [3]

It believes that the character of Aquarius on the emotional level is not the kind that tends to marry because of the attachment and attachment to over his freedom, and for the traditions and social norms are worthless, and can live in perfect harmony with his partner and begins to review his way of thinking only when alive a child when he feels Thereof in the trap he prefers to escape and retreat, and his partner discover what lends beauty to his life, and introducing him to prevent the routine of stability and is what he hates Aquarius, and the owner can Aquarius creature tower is contradictory, it can be a powerful personal and effective, but also secretive because it does not accept participation easily . [2]

Do you believe that the baby boomers per month have the same personal qualities or see it just a coincidence?

Aquarius features

Believes that the strength of Aquarius points include originality, independence, while weaknesses include escape from the emotional expression, and believed that Aquarius personalities thinkers Amiqon like to help people, and feel comfortable at the meeting, so always try to be surrounded by other people, and who wants a long-term Binaalaqh with Aquarius, ensure integrity and honesty in relationships. [1]

Believes that the strengths of Aquarius is the originality, independence and humanity, while weaknesses believed that it is not its ability to emotional expression, mood, isolation, and you love these characters fun with friends, others help, and fighting conditional reasons for logical for them, intellectual conversations , good listening, and hates Aquarius in return: restrictions and control, broken promises, unity, attitudes dull or boredom in general, or people who do not agree with them. [4]

Believes that Aquarius is considered the leader of the towers, and those born in this tower are the creators and intellectuals who are able to live on many mental levels, they are mentors to the mind, objectivity and humanity, so often involved in various social programs to help those in need, generally they are nice and friendly , so they can attract friends wherever they go. [2]

Believes that these figures more obscure and Aadiyon, and weird, and they see life different and full way ideas crazy and wonderful, but they usually have social beliefs, political or strong environmental too, as they Thalileon and rational people do not stop never analysis, so find always solutions to problems and believes that the lack of communication with the world they live in one of the greatest weaknesses they have, and sometimes it seems Aquarius lost, and far away from reality. [2]

Friendship and family at the Aquarius

Believes that it should be to their friends possess these qualities of the three: creativity, intellect, integrity, and when it comes to the family, the expect these qualities of them too, although their sense of duty towards relatives, but they will keep close ties with them if the same expectations are not met previous qualities as in friendship. [2]

Professional life at the Aquarius

It is believed to be born in Aquarius love positions, and they have a great ability to exploit their imagination for commercial purposes, and the higher their intelligence as well as their willingness to share their talents, inspire many who work in their environment, and the personalities of the tower has big dreams, and they like to participate in activities aimed at making humanity better off. [4]

Is believed to be Haz characters when it comes to money has the ability to maintain a balance between spending and saving money, and most of the characters that generate in the tower states have a good ability to show elegance and not afraid to wear clothes, for example, striking and bright colors. [2]

Believes that some functions such as: acting, writing, teaching, photography, are considered suitable for these characters, and believed that the best environment for them that gives them the freedom to solve the problem without having strict guidelines, and believed that the characters of Aquarius are personalities non-traditional, and is believed to be If he had the opportunity to express his talent to achieve success in a wonderful field. [2]

Love at Aquarius

Believes that openness, communication, and imagination, and risk appetite are the qualities that fit well with Aquarius characters, so there must exist in Shuraim, although it is thought to be compatible with other towers can be complicated, and that integrity and honesty are necessary for any someone who wants a long-term relationship with this dynamic person, and believes that these figures committed in love; Understanding of the faithful, and are committed to, nor Eetmlkon and control at all; Understanding granted independence to their partners and consider them equal with them. [4]


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