Parallel space Rectangles

Parallel space Rectangles


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Parallel definition of rectangles

It is a geometric model of a three-dimensional, which owns three dimensions, a width, length and height. It consists of six aspects of rectangular, four of which side aspects, while others are the two faces a bases that surround, and each pair of rectangles opposite exactly identical. As cuboid of a straight cut consists called letters, and form the ribs forming rectangles; Where intersect the ribs at the points are called parallel heads of rectangles, while the diameter cuboid It is a piece of straight hyphen between each two heads is not contiguous and share any of the aspects, and Atkablan diagonally on two different heights. [1] [2] [3] In other words, the cuboid is a prism-based quad (all angles list), consists of a pair of identical rules and parallel. [4]

To summarize the most important characteristics of cuboid it, like other models and geometric shapes is characterized by some of the qualities that belong to him without from other formats, and some of these characteristics as follows: [3] [5] [4]

  • The cuboid The three-dimensional three-dimensional, namely: width, length, and height.
  • Cuboid of the six sides, each of which is a rectangle composed, and in which both opposite sides are completely identical.
  • It can be cubic cuboid when equal lengths of the ribs.

Parallel space Rectangles

Cuboid consists of several aspects, and we must calculate the area of ​​the area of ​​each account and then calculate the face of the spaces full facets, and as one of the most important characteristics is that each pair of opposite sides are identical; The space is equal to: [5] [3]

Examples of rectangles parallel space account

Some of the examples that illustrate how to find space cuboid as follows:

  • Example 1: grandfather box space on the parallel form of rectangles, if I learned that the length of the base = 9 cm, width = 17 cm, and a height of 6 cm. [6]
  • Example 2: Salma wanted a special jewelry box industry out of cardboard, a length equal to 60 cm, and width 50 cm, while the height equals 40 cm, what is the necessary space for the cardboard box industry? [6]
  • Example 3: water tank on a parallel form of rectangles, in which the base is equal to the length of 6 m, width equal to 8 meter The height of the tank equals 12 o'clock, very reservoir area. [6]
  • Example 4: Khaled wanted to paint a wooden box without a lid on a parallel form of rectangular dimensions (length, width, height) respectively 4 creamy, 3.5 creamy 3, creamy, very area of ​​the region that has been repainted.

Parallel size rectangles

Knowing how to calculate the size of the cuboid is very important, there are many models that are around us on a parallel form of rectangles, we need to know the water tank capacity, or the size of a wooden box, and other things, and as the cuboid is a stereo The amount of size is the product of The three dimensions (length, width, height) to each other. [5] [7] parallel size rectangles = length × width × height. [7]

Although the subject of the law in the volume of cuboid is length; [6]

As comes example shows how to find the size of cuboid:

  • Example: colors tray on a parallel form of rectangles, the length of its base 2 cm, width 1.5 cm, and the height equals 3 cm, size grandfather.

Video about the size and space cuboid

To learn this holographic video engineering continued. [8]


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