Pancreatic tumors

Pancreatic tumors


  • 1 benign pancreatic tumors 1.1 pancreatic bags False 1.2 serum tumor Algdani
  • 1.1 pancreatic bags False
  • 1.2 serum tumor Algdani
  • 2 malignant pancreatic tumors 2.1 cancers exocrine pancreatic 2.2 pancreatic cancers internal
  • 2.1 cancers exocrine pancreatic
  • 2.2 pancreatic cancers internal
  • 3 References

Benign tumors of the pancreas

The tumors of the pancreas (in English: Pancreas) benign appearance of tumors in this organ from the body and spread to other members of the body, it should be noted that these tumors do not threaten human life and can be removed by surgery does not appear again, and in fact classified as pancreatic tumors benign into two main types, and each statement can be as follows: [1]

Pancreatic bags false

The pancreas bags false (in English: Pancreatic pseudocyst) the appearance of bags containing pure aqueous fluid and yellowish, contains this bag on the high amounts of pancreatic enzymes including amylase (in English: Amylase), lipase (in English: Lipase), and Alterpson (in English: Trypsin ) this is a situation common in men than women. [1]

Serum tumor Algdani

Develops tumor Algdani serum from glandular tissue responsible for the production of fluid and excretion, and therefore this type of tumor occurs when fluid collects and bags are formed, and it should be noted that this situation is common in women than men. [1]

Malignant pancreatic tumors

Pancreatic cancer begins (in English: Pancreatic cancer) formation of a cancerous tumor in the tissues of the pancreas, it is spreading rapidly to the nearby members of it, is the discovery of the incidence of this type of cancer in its early stages is rare, [2] In fact, there are several types of pancreatic cancer, which can be statement as follows:

Cancers of pancreatic exocrine

These cancers are tumors in the emergence of initiates cells that produce digestive juices, pancreatic, and in fact many of the species fall under the term of pancreatic exocrine cancers, and in a statement highlighted by the following: [3]

  • Adenocarcinoma (in English: Adenocarcinoma).
  • Cystic tumors.
  • Cancer acinar cell (in English: Acinar cell).

Pancreatic cancers internal

Pancreatic cancers internal start in the center of the pancreas where the production of hormones, including the hormone insulin (in English: Insulin) and released directly into the blood stream, and is considered these tumors are uncommon occurrence, and there are many species that fall under the term pancreatic cancers internal and derived its name from the hormone which is produced and can be highlighted by the statement as follows: [3]

  • Tumor Algastrini (in English: Gastrinoma).
  • Tumor Alansulini (in English: Insulinoma).
  • Tumor Sumaatostatena.
  • Alvebouma (in English: VIPomas).
  • Tumor Algluckgouni (in English: Glucagonoma).


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