Open e-mail messages

Open e-mail messages


  • 1 E-mail
  • 2 open e-mail messages 2.1 through the Internet browser 2.2 through smart phones
  • 2.1 through the Internet browser
  • 2.2 through smart phones


E-mail service is a free mail service, provided by some online companies such as Google Inc., offering e-mail Gmail, and Yahoo that offer Yahoo Mail, offering Microsoft's Hotmail company, so this service allows users who have an account on these sites, easy to send and receive an unlimited number of messages per day.

These messages can be attached to various documents, such as pictures, and videos, regardless of size, and with the proliferation of smart mobile devices, it is possible to download the e-mail application on these devices, to follow up the mail and read it at all times.

Open e-mail messages

The process of opening the mail are contained in several ways, including; Log in with a web browser, or through the use of an e-mail client (Outlook), or (Thunderbird), or by downloading the application on smart phones.

Through the Internet browser

  • First you do not log on to the Web site e-mail service provider, for example, if you have a Hotmail account, you must type the following title, and then log on by typing your e-mail, and password, and once you click on the login, you will be referred directly to the page e-mail your key.
  • You will see on the right of your personal list of incoming mail (inbox), a place where the arrival of new e-mail, and by double-clicking any mail from your inbox, will open the message to read it, as you can reply to this message by clicking the reply button Reply ( ), through the tape at the top of the inbox, or delete the message by clicking on the word delete existing at the top of the tape.
  • Returning to the list on page personal, there are spam (Spam), you can lose it by clicking on them, and then double-clicking on the mail where, if there was any message sound has reached the error, as the messages remain reserved in this for 30 days folder before being deleted.

Through smart phones

Is your e-mail application download from google Playboy or camel store, and then activated by the introduction of e-mail and password, and press to save data, log on by loading the application will remain permanently informed of any incoming mail, where it will send an alert device every time up any mail.


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