Olive oil extraction method

Olive oil extraction method


The olive tree of permanent trees evergreen, as it is a blessed tree mentioned in the Koran, which indicates that the great will and usefulness, where they can benefit from the fruit to eat because of its great benefits, can also extract its oil, which can eat food or treatment by , drops of olive oil in the fruit of the olive cells in the form of small points, and these points are extracted several steps, and will be mentioned in this article, steps extraction and processing of olive oil in the contemporary.

Steps olive oil processing

  • Nutrition separation papers: are at this stage disposal of papers that may cause the presence of the bitter taste of oil, and remove the leaves reduce the proportion of chlorophyll and thus preserving the oil from deterioration.
  • Washing step: The use of water sprays to get rid of any material or dust or bacteria may be present on the same olive fruit.
  • Step Crunches: This step aims to increase the extracted oil content of the fruit, which is the next step for washing, and there are two types of mills stone mill and metal mill, which is made up of three cylinders working for the mode of axial circle containing protrusions stone, so as to prevent the adhesion of the olive, but this method old and slow.
  • Step by flipping: is a step permutation of the most important steps that work on the extraction of oil and turn it into points larger, making the process of separating water from more easy oil, it is also dedicated to turning the unit is characterized by a temperature not higher than thirty degrees Celsius, so as to reduce the viscosity of the oil when extraction, as the unit provides Buthairmustat Ootzmeteki, due to lack of pigmentation in red oil and maintain acidity ratios.
  • The process of separation of olive oil: formed olive paste of water and olive oil and the nuclei are small in size is made up, in addition to the crushed olive tissues, and using Bottoming operations and centrifuge oil is separated from all of those ingredients, and there are a range of factors that affect the efficiency of the central work of the package, a density oil for the solution of the water, the shape and size of the oil points as large oil points easier during the season of small dots process, and the viscosity of the dough whenever he found a difference in the viscosity of the separation easier, in addition to the temperature, as it is the higher temperature improves separation, because of low viscosity and fluidity of oil.


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