Olive oil and sugar

Olive oil and sugar


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Olive oil and sugar

Must return to the past a little bit and use of natural methods for the care of the body external members health, as well as the health of the internal organs responsible for various biological processes, including the use of olive oil, which is obtained through the era of the fruits of the olive, as well as sugar, which is almost devoid of any a house from him, one of the main flight attendants flavor which are used directly as a key element in the manufacture of beverages and various desserts.

Benefits of Olive Oil

  • The olive oil one of the richest natural oils in many of the essential vitamins for the body, on top of all of vitamin E, which is the basis for the absorption of the body of various mineral elements, especially the calcium component, which enhances the strength and structure of the body, also contains a high proportion of vitamin A, a vitamin basic treatment of various skin problems, especially the problem of lack of freshness and minor wounds and burns, especially those that result from direct exposure to sunlight, in addition to this oil preserves the vitality of the skin and its youth, and protects from appearing magnifier for signs of aging skin on top of wrinkles and fine lines, and others.
  • Is one of the most powerful antioxidant resistance to cracks and free radicals, which stands directly behind the cancer in its different forms, and helps to resist infections and allergies in its many forms, relieves redness and irritation of the skin.
  • Handles various hair problems, through moisturizing the scalp, which protects against dryness and accompanied by the appearance of the crust, and also helps to strengthen the roots of the hair follicles, which promotes growth and protects against weakness and refracted.

Benefits of sugar

  • Sugar provide the body with energy needed to perform various activities and vitality, and prevent feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, and helps to improve the mood of the people, and protects against depression and grief and alleviate stress and anxiety, thanks to the high capacity which is to stimulate blood circulation in the body.
  • It includes a set of basic vitamins and antioxidant properties, making it resists free cracks cells pigment, and constitutes a solid base layer protective cells natural body, and maintains the function and efficiency of its performance, and is an effective treatment for various skin problems, especially the vitiligo skin, and contains a proportion of high of essential amino acids, which are the basis for the protection of the skin, through its ability to conserve water, which keeps the moisture.

Olive oil and sugar

Uses both olive oil and sugar are mainly in many natural recipes for skin care and lip, where these are mixed vehicles with each other in order to peel and remove dead cells, thus stimulating new cells, where re-skin freshness growth, give lip color rosy bright, The this method of washing the face well with lukewarm water and then put the appropriate amount of olive oil, taking care to stay away from the eye area, then put the amount of coarse or fine sugar over the oil and rubbed in a circular motion for a period ranging between twenty to thirty minutes.


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