Oil best hair straighteners for children

Oil best hair straighteners for children


  • 1 best oil to soften the hair for children 1.1 mix oil cactus 1.2 Mix oil lettuce 1.3 Mix olive oil, cumin 1.4 mix almond oil Mix mayonnaise 1.5
  • 1.1 mix oil cactus
  • 1.2 Mix oil lettuce
  • 1.3 Mix olive oil, cumin
  • 1.4 mix almond oil
  • Mix mayonnaise 1.5

Oil best hair straighteners for children

Many women want that their children own poetry soft beautiful, and there are a lot of natural and easy roads and highways that prevent the child from curly hair coarse hair into a beautiful fine hair like silk, which we'll talk about in our article this simplified and detailed manner.

Mix aloe oil

It is to bring two tablespoons of coconut cream with two tablespoons of mayonnaise, and two tablespoons of oil, cactus, and a tablespoon of honey, and mix the ingredients well with some even homogeneous, and then put the mixture on the hair completely children, and then the hair is covered with a covering of plastic leaves half an hour, before to wash thoroughly with shampoo and water, thanks to the repetition of this mixture per week to note the difference.

Mix lettuce oil

Mixing a teaspoon of parsley with a teaspoon of glycerin leaves, small and two tablespoons of lettuce oil, and put them in a pot on the fire, and wait until the boiling mixture, and then leave it to cool down before it is placed on the child for half an hour hair, where the mixture is repeated every a week.

Mix olive oil, cumin

Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of cumin oil, four tablespoons of sesame seeds, half a box of yogurt in a blender until homogeneous ingredients well with each other, and then painted the baby hair of them and leave them for half an hour on the hair before you wash, and saves the rest of them in a bowl in the refrigerator for use again, where the process is repeated weekly.

Mix almond oil

Brings a deep bowl and put a cup of olive oil with a cup of coffee, tray yogurt, and three tablespoons of almond oil, and is mixing the ingredients well to get a homogeneous mixture, and then the baby massage hair mixture well, and leave it for at least one hour, and then wash the hair shampoo and warm water well, where this mixture is repeated twice every week to get a nice and quick results, and it must be mentioned that coffee has many special hair aesthetic benefits, they give smoothness and gain shine bright.

Mix mayonnaise

Prepared by mixing two tablespoons of mayonnaise with two tablespoons of coconut cream, two tablespoons of oil, aloe, and one teaspoon of natural honey in the pot, so homogeneous components, and then put them on the whole baby's hair, then cover the hair plastic lid, and leave it for half an hour, then is wash hair thoroughly with shampoo and lukewarm water, where he prefers to repeat the mixture once a week.


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